Wife Caught Cheating, What To Do Next

    caught-wife-cheating-what-to-do-next.jpgIt's one of the things we men hope never happens to us -- our wife caught cheating. Yet it's becoming more and more common to hear husbands say they've caught their wife cheating.

    Here's the story of one of those men, Fernando, who caught his wife cheating. He wants to know how to deal with a wife caught cheating. Maybe you do too (or maybe your husband cheated). Keep reading and I'll tell you.


    I feel betrayed since I caught my wife flirting through repeated glances with a security personnel standing on the casino hotel passage. She thought I was asleep in the hotel room. Another time not knowing that I walked around her back while she was playing a slot machine not concentrating on the play but attracting another guy. I saw all those acts of slutty behavior as a form of deceit. As if nothing happened, she even asked if I was there long. It is so painful and caused a very deep wound in my feelings for her. I wish I had not seen those situations. She keeps the same pattern of behavior with men from her younger days even as a married couple. I am now suffering with shock and negative thoughts and it is taking a toll on my health. I think this would be the end of our relationship and worth a divorce. I totally lost my trust and respect to her if there is anything left. I am really disturbed. How do you deal with wife caught cheating?" -Fernando P.


    What's interesting here is that if we take the above story and change Fernando from a husband to a wife, the feelings of "betrayed," "deceit," "shock," "negative thoughts," "divorce," and "disturbed" would all be the same. When a partner is caught cheating, the sex of the cheated on partner makes no difference. Men or women, husbands or wives, boyfriends or girlfriends, we all experience the same feelings.

    So how do you deal with a wife caught cheating? The same way you would a husband or boyfriend who cheated. You get some professional marriage counseling help. Cheating is one of the most overwhelming situations you can go through and navigating it alone is a big mistake. Okay, so it may sound like I'm just pushing counseling. Yes, I am, but not because I do it. Rather because counseling guidance is what's needed and it works.


    I would also say Fernando, that your feelings can change. Your wife can also change. And your lost trust and respect can change. A wife caught cheating doesn't have to automatically mean a divorce. Is it hard to change? Yes - very hard. And it's possible you or she may not be willing to. But I believe every relationship is worth at least trying to change before choosing divorce and all the pain and problems that come with it.

    As we can see from Fernando's feelings, being cheated on is very painful and overwhelming. And it's easy to let those feelings drive you to taking actions that aren't the best for you in the long run -- like these guys: Man Destroys Home With Boat After Wife Caught Cheating or Husband Drives SUV Into House After Catching Wife Cheating. So if you've caught your wife cheating, the first thing to do is to get some objective help. The same advice goes if you're a wife caught cheating.


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