A cheating spouse is something most of us just see in the movies, hear about in the news, or perhaps have happen to a friend. But the chance of our own spouse cheating never even occurs to us. It just seems like something that happens to other people, not to us. Then it happens – to you.


    Discovering your spouse has cheated on you is so overwhelming. How could they do this? The pain can be unbearable. How do you sort through your thoughts and feelings? Just the thought that you've being cheated is paralyzing. What happens now?

    How you respond plays a crucial part in determining the future of your relationship. And knowing the right way to respond and what to do next is rarely clear. If you're looking for help learning the best way to respond to cheating, you're at the right place - we'll help you. Read on.

    At Guy Stuff we deal with spouses cheating every day. Helping men and women deal with this incredibly difficult situation is one of our specialties. We have nearly 20 years of experience guiding people during this painful time and helping them figure out the best next steps after cheated has occurred.

    Below you'll find real-life stories from spouses who've cheated – both men and women. We'll explain what qualifies as cheating and the different forms of cheating that can take place in today's world. There are also answers to the most common questions we get asked by both those who've cheated and the ones they've cheated on.

    By reading this article you'll figure out how to best respond.

    wife-accusses-husband-of-cheatingReal Stories


    Kevin thought he was probably making a mistake, but he didn’t know how to stop himself. His relationship with his wife, Jada, had been tough for a while. It wasn’t that they didn’t like, or even love, each other, but the passion was gone.

    She was always busy with her work and the kids. And it seemed like every time they talked it was only about the family schedule or to-do lists.


    So when he met Hailey and she was interested in him he just went with it.

    He didn’t mean to cheat on his wife and start an affair. In fact, it had all been pretty innocent at first. Since they worked together there were all kinds of projects and clients they had in common. He convinced himself the phone calls and texts were necessary to do his job. But then they became more than just work.


    When he started keeping his phone close and became fearful that Jada would get a hold of it and read his texts Kevin knew things had gone too far. But Hailey really seemed to understand him and he liked the attention. So one thing led to another and before he knew it he had gone from an emotional affair to full-blown, secret meeting, sex in a hotel room cheating.



    Jada also recognized things had been strained between she and Kevin. She loved him, but they really seemed to be in different places. Even so, she figured at some point they would work things out. But then he started to change.


    He had become more withdrawn and paranoid lately, and was glued to his phone. He seemed to always be excusing himself to deal with a “work” situation. She was fairly sure his work hadn’t really gotten that busy. In fact, she was suspicious that Kevin might be cheating on her.

    She had been trying to ignore the signs of a spouse cheating for a while, but she couldn’t anymore.


    The idea that Kevin was talking to, finding comfort in, and likely sleeping with another woman made her feel sick, sad, and angry.

    She didn’t know how to bring it up with him though. Should she just come out and accuse him of cheating on her, hire a private detective, or just leave? At the moment she couldn’t decide if she still loved him enough to stay or hated him enough because of his betrayal to leave.


    Having A Cheating Spouse

    Cheating is one of the most devastating and painful things a relationship can endure. It’s not only incredibly destructive to the relationship, but is also deeply personally damaging to the people involved.


    If you have a cheating spouse there are likely no words that can truly capture the hurt and anger you feel. Being in a committed relationship means you're supposed to trust and respect each other enough not to share intimacy, physical or emotional, with anyone else. When a partner has broken this trust by having an affair there's anger, pain, and many, many questions on the part of the betrayed.

    While a cheating spouse doesn’t inspire much sympathy, cheating can be a difficult experience for them too. There's the guilt and shame over hurting someone you care about, knowledge that your own poor choices may have destroyed your relationship, the psychological challenges that come along with trying to understand your own behavior, are just a few. For example, Kevin (the man described above) knew at least some of the damage he was causing while he was doing it, but still didn't stop himself. What kind of a person does that?


    The cheating spouse isn't going to be the only one confused. Just ask Jada. Once you've discovered your partner is cheating –  What do you do next? Try to fix the relationship? See if trust can be rebuilt? Or decide it's just too much to overcome?

    Betraying your love and relationship doesn’t have an upside. However, no matter whether you're the cheated on partner or the cheating spouse it doesn’t have to be the end either.


    Many couples have been able to work through the damage and problems that lead them to this point and move beyond an affair. You can too.

    example-of-cheating-in-a-relationshipWhat Is Considered Cheating In A Relationship?

    When most people think of cheating in a relationship they think of one partner having sex with someone other than the person to whom they're married to. The truth is that cheating in a marriage or any relationship can happen in many other ways too. Certainly becoming physically intimate with someone outside of your relationship is considered cheating, but it doesn’t take sex for cheating to occur.

    People often believe as long as there is no physical contact they haven’t crossed the line. This is simply not true. Emotional affairs can be just as, if not more, damaging to a relationship as a physical affair. Note how Kevin withdrew from Jada and his family as his connection with Hailey grew and the impact it had on all of them. Cheating can also take the form of micro-cheating, which is a series of small, subtle actions that compromise and threaten the relationship.


    As a general rule, if you're engaging with a person outside your relationship and you feel you need to hide it from your partner, you're most likely cheating. You may not be having sex with them, but sharing any level of intimacy (closeness) that should be reserved for your partner or spouse, or takes away from the intimacy you have (or should have) with your partner, is cheating in a relationship.

    Even if you have no intention to cheat, creating intimacy (physical, emotional, mental) with someone other than your partner is still considered cheating. Once cheating occurs, in whatever form, it will either severely damage or completely break the trust your relationship is built upon. And when this trust is broken it's very difficult to get it back. You can rebuild trust, but it takes a lot of effort and time.

    What Is An Emotional Affair?

    Emotional affairs are the kind of cheating that doesn't really look like cheating. If you're sneaking out of a hotel room it's pretty obvious you're cheating. But if you've got this strong inner desire to tell a coworker about this cool new restaurant, why is that cheating? That's just being friendly, right? And who would ever know how badly you want to share this info with them and why anyway (like trying to impress or have them like you).


    When you're dying to connect with someone other than your partner that's cheating emotionally. Forming an emotional bond with someone other than your partner, usually of the opposite sex, that takes on more importance than the one with your spouse is emotional cheating.

    Almost no one goes out looking for an emotional affair. However, many, many people are prime targets for one and really want the enjoyment one will give them, but don't even know it. There are a lot of people who are already married or in a committed relationship but aren't getting their emotional needs met by their partners and feel unfulfilled. Anyone in that place is susceptible to having an emotional affair.

    If you have emotional needs that are starving to be fed and an opportunity comes along to fill them your brain is going to be all over it. So people without awareness of their emotional vulnerability and a plan of how to manage temptations can easily become emotional cheaters. It can happen anywhere – on Facebook or Instagram, at the Starbucks cashier or Home Depot returns desk, even at your kid's school. It just takes someone new who's showing interest in you, is happy to see you, remembers you. Who isn't going to like that?


    Besides, emotional infidelity looks more like being friendly than cheating, so it's not, right?

    Common Questions

    The one thing that is certain to come along with a spouse who's cheating is questions – a lot of questions. The following are just a few of the most common ones we get asked.  Most of these are asked and answered from the perspective of men cheating, but much of the explanations applies to women as well.

    My Husband Cheated On Me. What Now?

    When you discover your husband has cheated on you it's really hard to know what to do next. Seeing anything beyond the hurt and betrayal can seem impossible. Any wife who says, “My husband cheated on me” is sorting through a lot of strong and difficult emotions.

    And it’s not only husbands who cheat on their wives. More wives than a lot people realize cheat on their husbands. This puts husbands also in the humiliatingly position of having to admit, "My wife cheated on me."

    Cheating happens even more frequently in the dating world where the level of commitment is less and the lines are easier to blur. "My boyfriend cheated on me" is even more common than “My husband cheated on me.” Regardless of whether it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife that cheated, there are a number of things you'll have to figure out.


    Here are a couple of the biggest questions you're likely asking yourself after being cheated on:

    • How did this happen?
    • Should you stay or go?
    • Will you ever be able to trust them again?

    These are just a few of the many questions you'll have to answer. Many more will be unique to your relationship and you and your partner. A multitude of questions can swirl through your head making it really difficult to figure out what to do next.


    Feeling overwhelmed and confused is typically a big understatement.

    The steps to take after you learn your husband cheated you can vary depending upon your specific circumstance. Every relationship is different. For instance, is the cheating still going on or did it end already? Do you really know for sure? So what you do after your boyfriend has cheated on you will depend on a number of factors.

    Before you do anything, however, you need to give yourself some time and space to think and sort through your feelings.


    What you don't want to do is to react out of the emotional pain you're feeling and make things worse for yourself. The anger and hurt you feel when a partner cheats on you can be so strong that you may have the urge to strike back in some way and make them feel the same hurt they have caused you. This isn’t a good plan. Revenge won’t help you get over the pain or figure out a plan for moving forward.

    Because of the extreme and volatile emotions both partners can be experiencing when cheating occurs it can be very difficult to talk about the subject. Having an experienced professional counselor guide and mediate your discussion can be extremely helpful. When you're struggling to wrap your head around accepting, “My husband cheated on me,” it's also a big relief to have someone you can talk to about it who will keep it to themselves.

    possible-sign-your-husband-is-cheatingWhat Are The Signs Your Husband Is Cheating?

    Suspecting your husband is cheating is a difficult and painful thing to have to deal with so it can be tempting to just ignore the signs. It's also easy to wonder is my husband cheating but without sufficient evidence or facts to know for sure. If you really think it could be true then you'll likely be looking for signs your husband is cheating in everything he does.

    It's true that if your husband is indeed cheating on you there will be signs – though they can be subtle and hard to see, but they'll be there. The same goes if it's your boyfriend, girlfriend or wife whom you think is cheating.


    Some of the ways to tell if your husband is cheating are listed below. Keep in mind that everyone is different and signs can vary, but most cheaters display these common behaviors:

    • Secretive behavior. If your wife's behavior has become secretive, like leaving the room to take phone calls, being protective of their phone, or receiving texts at strange hours and not explaining them, these could be signs of cheating.
    • Lack of interest in sex or intimacy. This may vary depending upon what's normal in your relationship, but generally speaking a loss of interest in sex, especially on the part of a man, can be signs your boyfriend's having an affair. Loss of intimacy can also take the form of just an overall lack of connection and interest in you and the relationship.
    • Sudden interest in appearance. We all would like our spouse to be well groomed and fit, but if there seems to suddenly be a heightened awareness and interest in these things you're right to take notice and wonder why. It's certainly possible that he or she is trying to look better for you or their own well-being, but it's also possible this could be a sign they're cheating or are considering it.
    • Unexplained absences. If your husband whose always been home by 6 p.m. is now working late on a regular basis, it could indicate an affair. Or, if your wife suddenly has to travel for her job when she never had to in the past, this could also be a sign of cheating.

    Obviously all of the above behaviors could have valid reasons for occurring. None of them in and of themselves will tell you with certainty if your spouse is cheating on you.


    The larger thing to consider is what is, or was, normal behavior, what has changed and why. Dramatic changes in behavior don't happen just by chance, specific things motivate them.

    If there isn’t a reasonable cause for the changes, then it's possibly a sign of a cheating husband – or a cheating wife.

    Why Do Men Cheat?

    There are a variety of reasons for why men cheat. And since we know they aren’t the only ones, there are a range of reasons why women cheat too. The bigger question is why do people cheat on the people they love?

    Unfortunately, there's no specific answer to why that applies to everybody.


    The reasons a married man cheats on his wife often have as much to do with the man himself as it does with the conditions in his marriage.

    There are a number of explanations cheaters will give to justify cheating, however. Some of the most common are:

    • Lack of sex or dissatisfaction with the sex in the relationship
    • Desire for attention and the excitement of something new
    • Love being gone from the relationship
    • Desire for romance, passion and that falling in love feeling
    • Feeling their partner hasn't met their needs and has brought it on themselves

    Although some of these may be true in a relationship – sexual dry spells happen, as do couples falling out of love – none of them make cheating on your partner acceptable for either men or women. Being in a relationship with one or more of these issues is actually very common. Despite how happy other people may look on the outside a lot of people are actually struggling and really aren't that happy on the inside. The most important thing to know is that these issues are all fixable.

    Men who cheat often say they still love their partner. This may be true, but cheating obviously isn't the way to show love and doesn’t occur in healthy, stable relationships. If one partner cheats on the other, even if they do still love them, it's a sign that there were problems in the relationship that needed to be addressed before it got to that point.


    The bottom line on why men cheat? Remember Kevin? He didn't set out to cheat. He just went to work and one day ended up working alongside a woman who satisfied some of his unmet needs. He was unhappy, hadn't done anything about it, opportunity presented itself, and he didn't have a plan in place to stop it.

    Most men who cheat never set out to do so intentionally, but they're nevertheless still 100% responsible for choosing to do so.

    learning-why-men-cheatDo Cheaters Change?

    Yes, in our experience most cheaters do change. However, they need professional help in order to know how to make the necessary changes. Unfortunately, most people just tell themselves they wont do it again and think that’s going to be enough. It isn’t.

    Cheating doesn’t just happen. There’s a build up that occurs making someone susceptible to making such a bad decision.


    Cheaters change by:

    • Learning what made them vulnerable.
    • Why they chose to cheat.
    • How to prevent it from happing again.

    How can you know if a cheater has truly changed?

    • They’re genuinely humble and remorseful about cheating.
    • You can see evidence and actions that show they’ve changed. Not just words saying they won’t do it again.
    • They have new habits that are rebuilding your trust.

    So what actions have you seen them make that give you reason to believe they’ve changed?


    Unfortunately, in most cases there are very few actions and just a lot of verbal promises. Because dealing with cheating is so painful for partners, both for the cheater and the one cheated on, they avoid it. But ignoring problems doesn't make them go away. It's vital that both partners see cheating as a warning sign that changes in their relationship are needed. Changes are actually required for a cheater to truly change.

    If a cheater doesn’t recognize how vulnerable they are to cheating again then they very likely will do it again. At Guy Stuff we help cheaters and their partners develop a Safety Plan that supports them in being successful at not repeating. If your partner has a plan they're actively working on to prevent them from cheating again then this will give you reasons to feel confident and regular reminders of why you can be hopeful.

    What To Do When Your Husband Cheats And Lies About It

    Discovering that your husband cheated on you is one of the most painful and difficult things a wife can experience. There will be a number of intense and painful emotions that you'll experience – hurt, betrayal and sadness are just a few. If your husband lies to you about cheating too, which usually happens, then your feelings will only intensify.

    It's easy to allow these feelings to take over and determine how you respond, but doing so won’t help you or resolve anything. Instead, what you'll need to do when your husband cheats is keep your emotions in check and make some decisions on how to respond and move forward. But doing this is much easier said than done. So first give yourself some time and space in order to grieve and work through your feelings a bit. How much time to give yourself can vary from person to person, but at a minimum take a couple of days to a week.


    In addition to the rollercoaster of emotions you're feeling there will be a million questions. It's normal to want to make sense of what happened when your husband cheats. Who is she? How long has this gone on? Have you had sex with her?

    Many people have sworn if their spouse ever cheated on them they'd be gone. However, when it actually happens to you making that life altering choice isn't so easy. You may now be reconsidering that option and all the changes and hardships that would come along with it.


    When your husband or wife cheats, the most important thing to do is not to let your emotions determine how you react and not to make any big decisions right away.

    Once you've given yourself some time, the next step will be to find a way to communicate with your husband. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. When your husband has cheated and lied to you your anger and pain is going to be looking for a target. Anyone in that emotional state is prone to focus more on how they've been hurt rather than communicating effectively with the person who hurt them. On top of that your husband is likely to be defensive and not very cooperative. Couples in this situation find couples counseling to be a valuable resource to help them navigate such a highly emotional subject.


    Besides your husband another common target for your emotions is the other woman. She's a tempting one to go after, but don't waste your time. Your problems are with your husband, not her.

    When your husband cheats on you it's very easy to let your emotions get the best of you, and so you may have already reacted to him or the other woman. While the release can feel good in the moment, it never helps address the issues you ultimately need to resolve with your spouse. Even though your reaction has likely complicated things and possibly made the situation worse, it can be overcome with the right guidance.


    If you feel you still love your husband, or would like to get the love back, then there is hope. Many couples have been able to overcome an affair and rebuild their relationships.

    Right now that may seem impossible, but it can happen. It takes patience and hard work from both partners, however. 

    wife-confronting-cheating-husbandHow To Confront A Cheating Husband

    With the amount of tech we all use every day and the secrecy it allows it's very easy to become suspicious that our partner could be cheating. However, being suspicious of their behavior is one thing, but confronting your husband and accusing him of cheating is a whole other.


    Here are just a few of the many questions that can arise from a partner's tech use, and fuel questions and suspicions about potential cheating:

    • Why does he want to be on his phone more than talk to me?

    • She turns her phone off every time I walk in the room. What's she hiding?

    • I don't know any of the people he talks to when he's gaming online. Is that really all he's doing?

    Because our brains can so easily turn normal curiosity into suspicions there are several things to think about first when considering how to confront your 'suspected' cheating husband. Remember, nobody likes to be accused of doing something wrong or bad, nor wants to admit it if it's actually true. As a result, in most cases no matter how you ask about cheating you're going to get a defensive answer, and usually an outright denial.


    There are a couple of important questions to ask yourself before confronting your husband or wife about cheating:

    • Do you have solid evidence to back up the accusation of cheating?
    • What's your end goal in confronting your partner?

    If you don't have solid proof of cheating then you shouldn't be confronting your spouse. What you should do instead is share your concerns and questions about their behavior. Ask for clarification of the things that you don't understand and concern you. Make it a conversation rather than an interrogation.


    Be sure to take an approach that supports your end goal:

    • If you want to get divorced, then accuse away. Nothing ends a relationship quicker than destroying trust (as you already know).
    • If you'd like to see if you can work it out and repair the relationship, then take a softer but still firm approach. Getting professional help with this conversation is wise. It's a really tough one to have in an effective and productive manner, so having guidance from someone with training and experience can be very helpful.

    "How do I confront my cheating husband" isn't the best way to ask this question.

    Take a minute to consider your mindset. Describing it as a "confrontation," even if only in your own thoughts, means you're approaching it expecting a fight. If you go into the conversation in an adversarial manner then you're going to be contributing to the potential for conflict and limiting the possibility of a positive outcome.


    Instead, asking, "How do I talk to my husband about his cheating?" is a much less hostile way to set the stage. As we said earlier, make it a conversation not an interrogation. The outcome is likely to be much better.

    woman-wonders-why-she-gets-cheated-onWhy Do I Always Get Cheated On?

    If you're being routinely cheated on then there's a problem and you're right to be asking why. Although each situation of a partner cheating on you is going to be different, there will be some common elements among all of them that help explain some of the reasons why cheating is happening. To really answer this question, however, you've got to be prepared to look at yourself honestly and be ready to make some changes.

    First, obviously you're attracting the wrong people. While this isn't likely a new concept, keeping this in mind as you consider other elements is important. So as you continue to read be on the lookout for any possible reasons why you attract partners who cheat on you. 

    Second, you're also attracted to the wrong people. This can take some deeper exploring to truly understand the psychological reasons why. Despite their positive characteristics (physical appearance, personality, etc.), someone who's not considerate of you and likely even outright disrespectful shouldn't be a person you want to be with. So why are you attracted to someone who mistreats you and could cheat?

    Start by considering the "type" of person you're attracted to and those that are drawn to you. What are the common traits for each? 

    Your goal for dating shouldn't just be to attract people, but to attract people who respect and love you enough not to hurt you by cheating. You should be seeking the kind of person who will respect you enough to tell you they want to be with someone else before doing so.

    When choosing a partner or determining whether to stay in a relationship the positives should outweigh the negatives. There's no doubt you're going to feel conflicted about the relationship and it can be a really difficult decision to end it, but if you have a partner who doesn't respect you the mistreatment will only get worse.


    If you really want to know the answer to why you always get cheated on then you'll need to answer these questions honestly – even if it's painful and takes time to come to terms with the truth:

    • Why do you attract partners who cheat on you?
    • Why are you attracted to someone who would cheat on you?

    Part of the problem with your poor choice in partners is that you're either not seeing or ignoring the red flags. These are not small, insignificant issues like wearing mismatched socks, but serious character issues that indicate they may not be trustworthy, honest, or respectful enough not to cheat on you.

    For example, here's a red flag from someone we're working with at Guy Stuff:


    While on a date early on in their relationship Matt realized that Sara had been gone for quite a while after she had gotten up to go to the car to "get something." So he went to look for her and found her in the parking lot kissing an old boyfriend. He knew this wasn't right and was upset about it, but accepted her excuses and apologies and continued dating her. Eventually they ended up married. She is now soon to be his ex-wife as she ended up cheating on him for the last several years of their marriage.

    When Sara couldn't resist the temptation to kiss her ex it should have been a red flag for Matt. Part of the reason he attracted her in the first place was because he was someone she could do that to. A person who is only attracted to people who value them would've walked away after that date, and may never have even gone out with her in the first place. Matt didn't and that's why he says, "I always get cheated on" too.

    "I really miss talking to you and learning from you. I have learned a lot of things from this experience and think I am becoming a better person because of it. This has opened my eyes and made me see the kind of person I was and the kind of person I want to become. I miss our conversations so much. Thanks for all your help that you tried to give me Dr. Kurt. I appreciate everything you tried to do for me and (wife). You are the best and wish I would of listened and took your advice more to heart."


    There is Hope 

    I Cheated On My Wife, So How Do I Fix It?

    If you've cheated on your wife you're likely struggling with a lot of guilt. Maybe also regret, remorse, or just wish there was a reset button that could make it all go away. And you're probably also wondering if there's a way to fix it.


    There are a couple of big questions every man struggles to answer when he's cheated on his wife:

    • What do I do next?

    These are two really tough questions to ponder. And, understandably, knowing how to answer them is even harder. Perhaps that's why you're on this site reading this right now. You need some perspective and guidance from someone who's walked this path before. It's true at Guy Stuff that we've got a lot of experience helping men navigate the treacherous waters when they've cheated.


    To answer to the questions of what do you do and should you tell her is going to depend on a couple of factors:

    • Is the affair still happening?
    • Even if it's not, are you still in communication or contact with the other woman?

    Most guys don't end cheating very decisively. It usually tails off over time rather than clearly ending. Stopping the relationship is also usually much easier said than done. Most men feel very conflicted at this stage and don't know what they want to do, so they're hesitant to make any big decisions that eliminate options.


    If you've cheated and truly do want to fix it then you've got begin by focusing on 2 areas:

    1. Trust
    2. Problems and Changes

    Having an affair destroys the trust in a marriage, even if you think your wife doesn't know. It’s also an indication that there were problems in the relationship to begin with. So if you've cheated on your spouse, and you value your marriage, you'll need to start to take steps to rebuild the trust and fix the problems that existed prior to the affair (not just the ones caused by it).


    Doing this is not easy. Just thinking about what it could take can be daunting and overwhelming.

    And it isn’t usually successful when you try to do it alone. In order to fix the problems cheating on your wife creates, and address the other issues in the marriage, all couples really need the assistance of a professional marriage counselor who's walked this path before. An experienced counselor can help you see problems you cannot see on your own and can give you the tools needed to make the repairs and changes needed to find a happy future together.

    man-who-cheated-on-wife-wants-to-fix-itHow To Get Over Being Cheated On And Stay Together

    Is that even possible? Can someone actually get over being cheated on? Yes. Understandably, it's not easy to do.


    Don't fool yourself into thinking it just takes time. The saying "time heals all wounds" is a myth.

    Yes, relationships and marriages can survive cheating. We know this firsthand as we've helped thousands of people get over being cheated on and stay together.

    First, it takes a desire by both partners to want to stay together. Second, a commitment is necessary in order to do the hard work to heal the wounds and repair the relationship problems. Lastly, it almost always requires the help of an experienced counselor to unearth and address the reasons cheating happened in the first place.

    Each of these steps takes patience. In the beginning, one or both partners are likely to be unsure of what they want and so may not know if they even want to try to stay together. Additionally, being skeptical that you can really get over being cheated on is normal and to be expected. When you start to address the pain of infidelity it's tempting to want to run away and avoid it (both the cheater and victimized partner can do this).


    Plus it's easy to think you can do the repair work on your own, but this is a huge mistake. If any of these stages are not completed properly and thoroughly then you'll leave the relationship vulnerable for cheating to happen again.

    If you've been cheated on and you want to stay together, then you'll need to spend some time thinking about how the two of you arrived here and what needs fixing. Affairs happen for many reasons. However, none of them justifies betraying your commitment to the person you say you love, but determining the reasons why it happened can tell you a great deal about what changes are needed. In order to cope with cheating and get past it you'll not only have to work through the infidelity itself, but also the problems that existed prior to the cheating.

    One of the biggest challenges in how to get over being cheated on is rebuilding the trust that cheating destroys. It can be very difficult to get past the distrust and worry that this could happen again. Reaching a point where you feel comfortable that your husband or partner won’t cheat again takes time and work. Getting over infidelity requires both partners having patience with the process of recovery and making changes in their relationship a priority.

    If you’re confused, hurting, and don't know what to do . . . you’re not alone.

    More than 15+ million men and women facing a midlife crisis just like you have found the answers to the questions they’ve been looking for with Guy Stuff.

    pain-caused-by-spouse-admitting-cheatingThe Rest of the Story


    The affair with Hailey was fun. It gave him an escape from the monotony of his daily routine and made him feel wanted again. But even though those things were true, he still wasn’t happy.


    He always felt tense and on edge, and something was always nagging in the back of his mind. He guessed it was probably guilt, but he didn’t want to admit it. I mean, Jada didn’t seem to want him, so why should he feel guilty over spending time with someone who did?

    He thought about leaving Jada, but nothing about that idea felt good or right. He imagined having a real relationship with Hailey, but he wasn’t certain about that idea either. The fact was that he didn’t know what he wanted or whom he loved. But at this point he had messed things up so much that he was pretty sure Jada would leave him if she knew he was cheating.

    Jada clearly suspected something. She was suspicious all the time, always interrogating him about his calls and whereabouts. He could tell she didn’t trust him.


    He wondered if he should tell her about his cheating . . .

    • How could that go over well?
    • Was it possible they'd be able to work through it?
    • Would she really leave him?
    • Would she scream, throw things, or even try and contact Hailey?

    With all of these questions constantly swirling in his head, and the guilt and sneaking around – he was exhausted. When Jada finally confronted him and asked if he was having an affair he confessed. He told her he didn’t love the other woman, he loved her and wanted to work things out.


    They fought for hours about his cheating until she finally packed a bag and left. After a few days of staying at her mom’s she called and said she wasn’t sure they could get through this, but if he was willing to try counseling she would too. But - she said – no promises. He took it, it seemed the least he could do. And he really did want to try to work things out.



     Jada felt like she was simmering all the time. She had become obsessed with monitoring Kevin’s every move. She questioned him daily about his calls, texts, and what was going on at work. Since he wouldn't give her the password to his phone she looked at the phone records, but nothing appeared unusual (it was all work calls).


    She hated the person she had become. Or, more appropriately in her mind, the person Kevin had forced her to become.

    She was so confused. His behavior and explanations just didn't match up. This left her torn between not speaking to him and yelling at him. Sometimes she wanted to leave, other times she just wanted him to prove her wrong – that he'd been recruited by the FBI or CIA or something – and tell her how much he loved her. Not that she would've believed anything he said at this point anyway, but it would be nice to hear.

    And she felt so alone! She had plenty of girlfriends, but telling them she thought Kevin was cheating on her felt like it would be too humiliating. They thought he was the perfect husband. Wouldn’t they wonder what she had done to drive him away? Would they blame her? Tell her how she could've prevented it? She really didn’t think so, but it still seemed too hard to say those words out loud.

    The worst day of her life was the day that she finally got up the nerve to ask Kevin directly if he was having an affair. She was still shocked when he said, yes, and confirmed her worst fears.


    For a moment she felt like she was spinning, not just her head, her whole being. She was worried she might pass out or vomit, or both. And at the same time she was strangely glad and relieved she knew, she also wished she had never asked. It was so confusing, and overwhelming and the pain made it hard for her hear almost anything he had to say. So she did the only thing she felt she could do. She packed up the kids and left. If she hadn’t she was afraid of what she might have done.

    After a few days she called Kevin. He had left message after message and said he loved her and he wanted to work it out. He wanted her to come home. He wanted her to forgive him. But she didn’t know what she wanted.

    Somewhere within her she thought she still loved him. It was hard to tell though through all the pain and hate she was feeling. She needed help. She needed – they needed – someone to help them figure out if there was any way to salvage their marriage.

    So when she called she said they needed to go to counseling. It was the only way – their only hope. Kevin agreed.


    Counseling was rough, really rough. They both were brutally honest with each other - about the affair, their unhappiness, the hurts that had built up over the years. But they stuck with it. And with Dr. Kurt's guidance they were able to not only get past Kevin's cheating but also rebuild their relationship.

    With our help they now have a plan they follow to both protect their relationship from another affair as well as strengthen the love between them.


    Does Kevin and Jada's story sound familiar?

    A cheating spouse causes what can seem like irreparable damage. And without help the destruction is often unfixable. However, with professional guidance it's possible not just to save your marriage but make it better than it's ever been.


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    Start tackling one of life’s most difficult challenges.

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    What To Do Next

    A spouse can cheat in an instance, but repairing the damage can take some time.


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