dr-kurt-smithI'm Dr. Kurt Smith, and I'm not your typical counselor. Counseling for me is a second career, or more accurately my third or fourth (my life hasn't exactly gone the way I planned it). I'm actually more naturally inclined to be working in construction or engineering than in counseling.

What caused me to become a licensed counselor was going to counseling myself and experiencing the powerful impact counseling can have on your life. You can see on the right that I have multiple psychology and counseling degrees, licenses and certifications. But those aren't what make me a really good counselor. I’m a good licensed counselor because...

I Know What It's Like to Be a Man - and to Be 'Stuck'

I've been 'stuck' too, and I’ve needed counseling during several really difficult times in my life. I'm living proof that counseling works. But I also know that if counseling isn't done right it can be uncomfortable and ineffective for us guys.

To get results, most men need a different kind of counseling. Guys and their issues are different, and they need to be solved differently. So I designed a counseling approach that it works for men. This 'guy-friendly' approach got such great results that I started Guy Stuff Counseling to provide counseling services designed for men to even more men. (Read the rest of the story about Dr. Kurt and About Guy Stuff Counseling).

Designed to Work for Men and the Women Who Love Them

At Guy Stuff you'll partner with another guy who's been there before, not a licensed counselor who sees himself as a professional who's above you. I've been in similar circumstances to where you are right now and I know how to help you get out. Here are examples of a few times when I've been stuck:

Communication Failing

There were times in my marriage when I just couldn't communicate with my wife in a way she understood. Despite being a typical guy, not wanting to talk about how I feel, I've learned how to communicate with my wife so that we both feel understood, respected, and loved. I can teach you how to do this too.

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Communication Failing

Anger Out of Control

I've said things in anger I wish I could take back. Anger for me used to come up out of nowhere, in an instant, and with the force of a hurricane. I've found that there are skills you can learn to control it; techniques you can use to reduce it; ways you can learn where it comes from and eliminate it. I can show you how to manage your anger.

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Feeling Hopeless

There have been times in my life when I’ve felt lost, alone, and hopeless and it didn't seem like things would ever change. But I discovered a way out of those dark, lonely holes with a strategy that can make even the worst situation better. I can share that strategy with you.

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I'd like to teach, guide, and partner with you to help you get out of the challenge you're now facing. Check out all of the counseling services Guy Stuff offers and find helpful articles on our Counseling Men Blog. It's another great resource of helpful Guy Stuff information.