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No, Guy Stuff Counseling does not offer individual counseling for boys or individual counseling for teens. We only work individually with men and women 18 years of age and older.

However, Guy Stuff does work with men and women all the time on parenting issues regarding their boys and teens. We have also met together with men and their children, as well as whole families to address parenting problems. Often we find that the challenges boys and teens are facing are best addressed through family counseling.

At Guy Stuff we have found that when parents think they need counseling for boys or counseling for teens what is really needed is counseling for parents. It's been our experience that most problems with kids are related to parenting and can be best addressed by working individually with the parents.

Parenting is a challenge for everybody. Many men in particular struggle with being a parent and father as they may not have any positive role models to show them what to do. One of Guy Stuff's goals is to help men become better fathers so that counseling for boys or counseling for teens isn't necessary. We encourage you to contact Guy Stuff today about counseling focused on the challenges you are facing as a parent. Using our proven and specific techniques, we think you’ll quickly find that your teenager doesn’t necessarily need counseling.

Take a look at our counseling men and counseling women to see how we can help with your parenting challenges. Also check out our Counseling Men Blog for more resources.

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