We see a lot of husbands here at Guy Stuff Counseling. These quotes show some of the problems that bring them to counseling. Each of these men found healing and reconciliation as a result of their sessions with us. If you are facing issues in your marriage, we want to help you too.

  • She can't see the world through my eyes at all."
    — Steve F., 56
  • She doesn’t respect me. She questions all my decisions, as if I’m a child.”
    – Scotty J., 37
  • I'm not appreciated by her."
    — Mike G., 43
  • My ideas are fire hosed. I'm in a pit, trapped, hemmed in on all sides."
    — Lester W., 54
  • She's ripping me to shreds. My stomach gets messed up going home. I don't want to go home. Cruella comes out — 'you're a rotten son of a bitch.' I'm really worried as my daughter grows up."
    — Kevin H., 64
  • Why aren't you as excited to see me as the dog when I come home?"
    — Jason M., 34
  • When she blows it's ugly – like Mt St. Helens. I have the tendency to shut down; I lose my language skills. I just want to find some peace in my household."
    — Rick D., 27
  • When she comes at me, I either become argumentative, or ignore her and stop listening, which then leads me into self destructive behavior. She's smothering me."
    — Matt C., 45
  • She demeans me in front of our son and then he repeats it. 'Daddy likes leeway. Daddy, what's leeway?'"
    — Fred S., 44


Please Note: In keeping with the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists' ethical standards, none of these testimonials were solicited, but rather were comments freely made during our work together. They are real comments made by real clients, as are the descriptions of their treatment. However, the names, ages and cities have been changed to protect each client's confidentiality. These testimonials represent individual experiences, your experience will be your own and these testimonials are not intended to guarantee or imply a guarantee of treatment outcome.