Counseling MenGuy Stuff Counseling specializes in counseling men about their lives and relationships so they can get the life they really want. Through years of experience, Guy Stuff has learned that men's counseling is an effective way for men to find solutions to problems they can't solve themselves.

Dr. Kurt is an expert in counseling men. His training and experience allow him to quickly uncover the real issues and provide solutions that are tough to discover on your own. After his own experiences in counseling and then as a professional counselor, he has seen firsthand what does and does not work for men. The counseling approach at Guy Stuff is fast, effective, and focused on getting results.

There are a lot of misperceptions about counseling men. A lot of guys think:

  • It is for girls
  • It is too touchy-feely
  • It involves talking things to death
  • It goes on forever

Got any of these beliefs? Throw them out the window, because Guy Stuff is different. We know how men like to work, so we approach our men's counseling from a problem/solution standpoint, and we solve problems as quickly as possible.

Think of it this way: Going to counseling is like taking your car to a mechanic. We go to a mechanic because he has more experience and knowledge about cars than we do. He has access to diagnostic tools we do not, and he knows how to fix car problems we can't. Dr. Kurt does the same thing with men's lives and relationships.

Think of going to men’s counseling at Guy Stuff as just another way you are a responsible guy who sees a problem and gets it fixed. We will help you fix whatever is troubling you, including any of these men problems.

Get started right now and learn from our years of experience counseling men by taking our Partner Rater Quiz and see what women tell us they want from their man. You can also check out our Counseling Men Blog for valuable help on many of the issues you may be facing.