Women’s Counseling Success Stories – Rachel and JeremyWhen Rachel married Jeremy, she thought she had found a partner for life. Jeremy was loving, fun, and had a great outlook on life. He was everything Rachel had dreamed of finding in a husband. Eight years later, after two children, a house, and career demands, the fun, love, and great outlook seemed to be gone. Jeremy was snappy with Rachel, did not have time for the kids, and spent more time looking at his computer screen than he did talking or listening to Rachel. She wondered if this is what the rest of their lives together would be like. Rachel had read some women’s counseling success stories and wondered if she could be one of them.

Rachel tried to talk with Jeremy about their relationship, but he only seemed resentful that after all his work to create the life they had, Rachel still was not happy. What more did she want from him, he yelled. Rachel had been asking Jeremy to go to counseling for years, but each time he refused. She felt alone and defeated. All of her dreams and plans for the future seemed to be falling apart before her eyes. Was this how the family life she had always dreamed about was going to be? Did she have to just accept things the way they were? No.

Rachel took control, called Guy Stuff Counseling, and became one of our women’s counseling success stories. After a few counseling meetings by phone, we taught Rachel two key techniques that caused Jeremy to become more approachable and willing to listen and talk to her. With Rachel's new communication strategies, Jeremy began to make changes. It has taken some time, but Jeremy now makes Rachel a priority, and he and Rachel are in love again. Rachel is looking to their future with hope and anticipation instead of fear and resignation.

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