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Yes, Guy Stuff does couples counseling. About half the guys we work with come to couples counseling together with their wife, partner, fiancée or girlfriend. Most often, the issues that guys are struggling with are impacting their relationships with others. Couples counseling can equip both partners with the tools they need to work through these challenges.

Couples counseling is an essential part of repairing a damaged relationship. If you are committed to the process, Guy Stuff Counseling wants to help you restore your partnership to what it once was and then make it even stronger. No matter what problem you are facing, we have worked with hundreds of clients who have been through similar situations. Our experience and expertise can provide you with the strategies you need to help you rebuild your relationship.

Sometimes we start out with couples counseling, and other times we begin in individual counseling with either men or women and then work into couples counseling. It's not uncommon for men to be told by their wives or partners that they need to go to counseling by themselves first before their significant other will go with them. It's also not unusual for men to refuse to come to counseling and for women to begin the process by themselves. Yes, Guy Stuff works with women too. Take a look at our Counseling Women pages to learn more about how we work with women here at Guy Stuff.

Couples counseling can also be done simultaneously with individual counseling. Some couples alternate between joint meetings and individual meetings. This gives them the opportunity to work on personal issues as well as relationship challenges. We can see both partners together in couples counseling and then see each in their own individual sessions or just one partner individually.

Regardless of the issues you are faced with, Guy Stuff can help you through them. Whether you are dealing with infidelity or considering divorce or struggling with the impact of out-of-control anger, our trained professionals can walk you through the process of making changes and reestablishing trust and unity in your relationship.

Find out more about our counseling men and counseling women services here at Guy Stuff. You can also read more about how couples counseling works. Check out our Counseling Men Blog to read about some of the common issues we see in counseling.

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