How Anger Management Classes WorkUncontrolled anger can ruin lives. If you are seeking or have sought out help for anger but still cannot figure out how anger management classes work, Guy Stuff Counseling can help. Unlike other anger management methods, Guy Stuff’s classes are individualized and proven to be effective. Managing anger is different for everybody. Guy Stuff recognizes this and gives clients approaches to manage anger that are as different as they are. We will equip you with the strategies that work for your personality and circumstances.

How anger management classes work at Guy Stuff is by counselor Dr. Kurt Smith helping you employ proven methods. You will not sit in a group of men, sharing stories about anger. Instead, Guy Stuff offers anger management that is completely private. Guy Stuff offers a proven, individualized approach to anger management that will spare you sitting in a group of men talking about your “issues.” You can come by yourself or bring the important people in your life, such as your wife. Either way, our time together will be spent focused on you and your situation rather than split among a number of guys looking for help.

Guy Stuff director Dr. Kurt Smith knows anger well. He has successfully dealt with anger management issues in his own life. Read about Dr. Kurt's struggle with anger. He has also trained with the leaders in the field of anger management, including Dr. Doyle Gentry of the Institute for Anger-Free Living in Virginia. Guy Stuff offers a place to safely vent, relieve stress, and learn techniques to manage your anger. There is no judgment here. Just results.

If you are in Northern California, we can meet face to face. If not, we can talk on the phone or even communicate over the Internet via video conferencing. Regardless of where you are located, we can get you the help you need to manage your anger.

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