Men’s Counseling Success Stories – Jose’s SecretJose had a secret -- a big, big secret. He was having an affair. He'd heard some of Guy Stuff's men’s counseling success stories from a friend, but he didn’t know if counseling could help him. When he was with his lover, Jose felt alive. When he was living the rest of his life, at work or home with his kids and wife - he was miserable. He loved his wife and son, and didn’t want to lose them, but he couldn't live any longer in this misery.

The longer the affair went on, the more miserable he felt. But Jose couldn't decide what he wanted in his life. He knew one thing -- he wanted the pain to stop. Jose came to Guy Stuff Counseling by himself and told us what was going on. He immediately felt unburdened from his big secret, but knew he needed help moving on from there.

Jose felt comfortable talking to Dr. Kurt immediately. He didn’t feel judged or guilt. He just felt like he was talking to an understanding friend who could help him. Dr. Kurt knew the right questions to ask him, and it became clear to Jose what he really wanted. He wanted to save his marriage. Guy Stuff helped him put together an action plan to follow to end the affair and deal with the problems in his marriage. Jose really leaned on Guy Stuff's coaching in how to talk to both women.

Jose feels a lot more in control of his life now. He's still working with Guy Stuff on understanding himself better and improving his relationship with his wife. But he's in a much better place.

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