“I love you, but am not in love with you anymore.”

    If you've heard those words from your partner - the love is gone - you know how devastating they can be to more than just your relationship. Losing your partner’s love leaves you searching for the closeness you crave, the connection you need, and the life you deserve...


    “Why is this person I love with all my heart drifting away?”

    We get asked this question all the time. In my over 15 years of experience counseling people just like you, some of the most common issues contributing to a partner falling out of love are:

    • A physical or emotional affair

    • Bouts of depression

    • Midlife crisis

    • Addiction to alcohol, drugs, or porn

    And they are some of the biggest reasons why over 300,000 people just like you visit the Guy Stuff website every month looking for answers and hope.

    "Your advice really helped me. My wife and I have been getting closer. She texts me often and tells me she loves me. But I'm taking it one day at a time. Again, thanks for your help Dr. Kurt. Your advice saved my relationship. Thank you so much!"


    It took time to lose the love and it takes time to get it back.

    BUT there is hope.

    We know how difficult it is to cope with the reality of a partner who says the love is gone. Over the years we’ve heard countless stories from both women and men trying to understand how their relationships have gotten to this point and what they can do to heal them.

    That’s why we’ve designed a series of simple questions to help you assess if the love is gone in your relationship.

    You’ll learn:

    • The common symptoms to look for in your relationship that may indicate your partner has fallen out of love

    • How your situation compares to what others just like you are going through

    • What resources you can turn to for more insights and help

    And you’ll get next steps to set you on the path to clarity so you’re ready to move forward.

    Start tackling life’s most difficult challenges.

    From articles and videos to group forums and one-on-one coaching, you’ll find the guidance and support you need to get your relationship back on track.

    If you’re scared, hurt, angry... you’re not alone.

    More than 12+ million men and women just like you have found the answers to the questions they’ve been looking for with Guy Stuff when the love is gone.