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      Why Do Men Watch Porn?

      "Hi David, knowing the man you love is watching porn can feel very hurtful. It does not really matter if you believe that to be a legitimate feeling or not..."


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      When Your Husband Doesn't Love You

      "I read your story made me cry..."


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      Midlife Crisis Stories

      "Hi Lisa and Amanda, I am in a similar situation as you or as a lot of the stories I am reading. I thought I had the perfect marriage...Please let me know how you are dealing with the life change. I am 50 years old, this was my second marriage. I have been so heart broken but making steps to move on with my life. It has been extremely hard."


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      How Come Men Look at Other Women?

      "Hi Diana- I'm basically in the same boat, I came across your remark today trying to justify my husbands doings. My ex did the same ...and I really don't want another divorce but, I don't even think these men realize how hurtful it is! I'm a fairly attractive women as well... I don't understand how he can be so rude and disrespect me as he does??!! Thanks for your time."


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      Can I Get My Husband to Love Me Again?

      "Danielle, Reading your post gives me hope."


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      Do You Leave or Stay After an Affair?

      "Men are not always swayed by another woman. Sometimes the woman is swayed by another man and let me tell you now, it's soul crushing. When you find out that your wife of twelve years and mother to your children has been actively seeking a heroine addict while you're at work providing a good life for your family, it kills something inside of you. Trust me, men are capable of feeling this pain."


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      Married to a Controlling Wife

      "My wife does same crap. She tries to act like a man. But even a man is never that cold. Women cannot act like a man because they are not one. I hate pushy women."


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