Relationship Problems We Solve We know how to fix relationship problems. We counsel women at Guy Stuff Counseling because we know that even when the problem is his, it is yours too. Our unique understanding of ‘guy stuff’ enables us to work with you to help you find solutions to the challenges that you are dealing with in your relationship.

Every day, we work with women struggling with the same issues that you are struggling with. We have helped our clients see results, and we can do the same for you. Our women’s counseling will help you solve the following relationship problems:

  • You are fighting too much – we can help solve common marriage problems and stop abusive relationships.
  • He is having an affair – we provide guidance when you have a cheating spouse.
  • You feel like he does not love you anymore and your emotional intimacy is gone – we will give you relationship advice with the goal of helping you reestablish that loving feeling.
  • He is angry and distant – we can support you through his midlife crisis or give you help in managing his depression.
  • He has a bad habit or addiction – we will guide you on dealing with alcohol abuse, porn addiction, or other destructive habits.

If you recognize any of the issues above in your own relationship, it is time to get help. Do not struggle alone – get effective and life-changing advice from Guy Stuff and relationship expert Dr. Kurt Smith today. We have proven methods and years of experience that will help you conquer the relationship problems that are making your home and family life miserable. You do not need to spend another day overwhelmed by the relationship problems in your life. Schedule an appointment now, and start the process of fixing what is not working.

Take control right now. See how women's counseling works and how it can help you with your relationship problems. We also offer couples' counseling and marriage counseling. Or take our Partner Rater Quiz to see if you are feeling what many other women feel about their man. In addition, you can find valuable relationship advice on our Counseling Men Blog.