There is no better time than right now to find out how to start Christian counseling at Guy Stuff Counseling. Guy Stuff's Kurt Smith is also a Christian, and he has counseled many men and women using Christian principles. Kurt can help you get the changes you need too. You can be confident that the counseling you are receiving is biblically sound and is based on fundamental Christian values. Guy Stuff is a safe place to receive Godly counsel without judgment or condemnation. We are not affiliated with any church or specific Christian denomination. And, although we are Christians, our counseling is open to individuals of any religion.

When you receive counseling at Guy Stuff, it is totally confidential and completely private. We do not share any information with your church, pastor, or anyone else.

If you are ready to get started with Christian counseling today, you've come to the right place. Just a few quick entries will get you that much closer to getting the help you need. We have made it simple to get started. Here is how to start Christian counseling in three quick and easy steps:

1 Review our counseling fees

2Check our online appointment calendar for an opening.

The calendar will provide you with our most current availability, as it is updated daily.

3Fill out the online make an appointment request form.

Our staff will contact you by the following business day to confirm your appointment.

Guy Stuff offers our counseling services using a number of different methods. If you are in Northern California, we can meet face to face. If not, we can talk on the phone or even communicate over the Internet by video conferencing. If you've still got questions about how to start Christian counseling with Guy Stuff, find out how Christian counseling works or review our the most commonly asked questions. You can also give us a call.