The quotes below are from people who have faced the possibility of a divorce. Each of them sought help from Guy Stuff Counseling. For some of them, we walked them through resolving their issues and restoring their marriages. For others, we helped them get through the divorce process as quickly and painlessly as possible. Are you facing a divorce? Don’t go it alone. Contact Guy Stuff for help and support.

  • I can't do this no more. Let's get a divorce."
    — Ken V., 42
  • Things have gotten worse and worse. It hit a climax 2 days ago when he said he wanted a divorce and was leaving me and leaving our kids. Talking about it right now makes my stomach hurt. I feel totally devastated. I was shocked and amazed that he could say this."
    — Sherrie C., 37
  • My daughter asks me, "Are you and mommy going to get a divorce? Mommy is mean to you."
    — Larry N., 34
  • I feel sad and frustrated  I can't believe it's come to this."
    — Liz H., 56
  • It's been a rough couple of weeks. This divorce thing is taking over my life. I can't stay at this level of anxiety. I fear and am intimidated by anything he does."
    — Grace P., 48
  • Things got pretty dicey with my wife. She threatened to leave and to take kids back to Oklahoma."
    — Justin Y., 45
  • I made a huge mistake when I married my husband. He’s not the man I thought he was. I wanted our marriage to go the distance, but I don’t think it can.”
    – Jennifer T., 32
  • I feel like I'm held together by a rubber band, stretched to the limit and about to burst. I'm loathing going to court on Monday  I hate confrontation."
    — Diane L., 50

Please Note: In keeping with the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists' ethical standards, none of these testimonials were solicited, but rather were comments freely made during our work together. They are real comments made by real clients, as are the descriptions of their treatment. However, the names, ages and cities have been changed to protect each client's confidentiality. These testimonials represent individual experiences, your experience will be your own and these testimonials are not intended to guarantee or imply a guarantee of treatment outcome.