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"How often should I go to marriage counseling?' is a hard question to answer precisely without knowing more about your circumstances.

At Guy Stuff Counseling we can meet for marriage counseling weekly, every other week, once a month (if our schedule allows it), or even just one time. It's up to you. Typically people go to marriage counseling either weekly or every other week.

When we meet for the first time we'll help you answer the question, "How often should I go to marriage counseling?" Ultimately you should go to marriage counseling as often as you feel you need it. People who feel things are out of control often choose to go to marriage counseling weekly, or even twice a week, for a few weeks and then consider meeting every other week as things settle down. If things aren't that bad, you can try going to marriage counseling every other week and see if that gets you the results you want. Some couples choose to return periodically for “counseling check-ups” after they have reached the goals they set and stopped their regular counseling sessions. Just keep in mind that how often you go for marriage counseling is a big factor in how quickly you will see results.

At Guy Stuff Counseling, we are able to provide our services in person if you live near our Northern California offices. We also offer counseling by phone or via video conferencing.

For more help in answering the question "How often should I go to marriage counseling?" check out our counseling fees page.

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