Here are a few quotes from guys who struggle with managing their anger and a couple of partners who live with them. Every guy here has worked with Guy Stuff Counseling in anger management classes and learned how to manage his anger. Do any of these guys sound like anyone you know?

  • I want to explode."
    — Pete T., 47
  • I'm really irritable. I'm clenching my teeth all the time around my wife and especially those kids."
    — Chris A., 52
  • I want to learn the trigger behind my anger. Understand my emotions better before acting on them."
    — Bob L., 63
  • He's at a low boiling point all the time. If I can't say things a certain way, he's enraged."
    — Krystal N., 38
  • I've got a bad temper, short fuse, we fight constantly. I want to be a better person."
    — Rick B., 26
  • I have flashes of anger. I'm tired of being angry. I fear my son will hate me."
    — Joe G., 39
  • I have a shorter fuse at home, irritation comes out a lot quicker and I'm yelling at my sons."
    — Casey B., 43
  • He's a walking time bomb. Who yells at a dishwasher and then yanks it out of the cabinet? I can't live with him anymore if he doesn't get help."
    — Liz R., 35
  • It worked!" (Zach used an anger tool we taught him to stop his anger build-up)
    — Zach N., 31


Please Note: In keeping with the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists' ethical standards, none of these testimonials were solicited, but rather were comments freely made during our work together. They are real comments made by real clients, as are the descriptions of their treatment. However, the names, ages and cities have been changed to protect each client's confidentiality. These testimonials represent individual experiences, your experience will be your own and these testimonials are not intended to guarantee or imply a guarantee of treatment outcome.