Problems in Relationships We SolveProblems in relationships — not everybody talks about them, but almost everyone has got them. Every week, the professionals at Guy Stuff Counseling work with couples that are experiencing issues in their relationships. We give them expert advice and strategies to help them work through the challenges they are going through.

Couples counseling at Guy Stuff is here to assist you in finding solutions for your specific issues. We can help you get back to the happy relationship you once knew by helping you work through these and other problems in your relationship:

  • Your once loving, attentive spouse has become someone who you do not feel listens to or respects you.
  • You are fighting, arguing, or in conflict more often than not.
  • One or both of you feel disconnected, like you are not in love anymore.
  • There is a lack of physical and verbal affection in the marriage.
  • Anger, an affair, jealousy, a lack of trust, or sexual differences are hurting the marriage.
  • One or both of you have children from a previous relationship, and everyone is feeling strained.

At Guy Stuff, we offer a number of different ways to get the help you need for the problems in your relationship. If you live near our Northern California offices, we can meet with you in person. We can also talk to you over the phone or via video conferencing.

Whether you are facing an abusive relationship, surviving infidelity, or seeking help with anger management, Guy Stuff can help you. We can provide you with clear guidance on issues such as sexual problems and help you build your communication skills. If alcohol abuse, sex addiction or other conditions are problems in relationships you have got, you are not alone. Guy Stuff can help. And if things do not get better, we can help you get through a separation intact. With Guy Stuff, you have a trusted advisor who will work with you to help you see the results you want for your relationship.

Do not go it alone another day. See how couples counseling works at Guy Stuff and learn how we will work with you. You and your spouse can also take our Partner Rater Quiz to see if your relationship suffers from the same problems in relationships that other couples face. Our Counseling Men Blog is a great resource for advice on many common relationship issues.