Christian CounselingGuy Stuff Counseling offers Christian Counseling for people who want to know that the guidance they're getting is based on Christian principles. We know that some men and women only want to work with a Christian counselor, and that’s why Guy Stuff offers Christian counseling.

Some of the Christian clients we've worked with have chosen Guy Stuff because they haven't felt comfortable with their pastor knowing their problems. Some don’t have a pastor to turn to. We've also worked with people who've felt that they didn't get Biblically sound Christian counseling from others who call themselves Christian counselors.

At Guy Stuff, Dr. Kurt Smith is a counselor, and he is a Christian. While we work with people of all religions, we know the unique counseling needs of Christian men and women and are well versed in common Christian relationship problems.

Although we incorporate Christian principles, we are without judgment. We know Christians struggle too. Our Christian counseling approaches your issues with compassion and understanding, and uses objective, Christian-based guidance. You'll get direction and encouragement. If confidentiality is your issue, rest assured that our counseling is completely confidential and private and will have no connections to your church or life.

Don’t struggle alone any longer. Get started right now by taking our Partner Rater Quiz (for men and women) and see if you've got the same relationship problems as other Christians we've helped with our Christian counseling.

A great organization dedicated to helping couples build healthier and stronger Christian marriages and families is FamilyLife. For men, Promise Keepers is another awesome resource helping Christian men become better Christians. Both organizations put on conferences and offer resources you may find helpful.

The benefits of Christian counseling can be much different than for regular counseling. So be sure to see what working with Guy Stuff can do for you. And don't leave without checking out Adam and Robyn's positive Christian counseling experience.