Guy Stuff Counseling originated out of a problem — counseling is designed more for women than men.

In 2003 Dr. Kurt Smith began counseling men in individual counseling and in couples counseling with their wives or partners. As he worked with men using the traditional counseling techniques he'd been taught, he discovered several problems:

  • Traditional counseling doesn't work for a lot of men
  • Many men believe that counselors don’t get 'guy stuff'
  • Guys and their issues are different and need to be solved differently
About Guy Stuff Counseling

Having gone to counseling several times himself, Dr. Kurt knew that counseling can work for men when done right, but also that it can be uncomfortable and ineffective for guys when done wrong. So he spent the next 4 years developing a counseling approach that worked for men. As the men he counseled got better and better results, Dr. Kurt realized the need to provide this unique approach to more men. So in 2007 he started Guy Stuff Counseling with the purpose of providing counseling services specifically designed for men. The result is a unique counseling approach designed specifically for men that is:

  • 'Guy-friendly'
  • Focused on problem solving
  • Not all touchy-feely or full of talk about childhood
  • More about taking action than talking things to death
  • Conducted in a 'guy style' that's conversational but also direct and goal focused

The Guy Stuff approach resonated with men immediately. Guys who never before would have gone to counseling started coming to us for help. Men got results and kept coming back. As the counseling services quickly grew, something unexpected happened. Guy Stuff started attracting women - a lot of women.

Here are some examples of how strongly people believe in Guy Stuff Counseling:

About Guy Stuff Counseling
  • They drive almost 200 miles to meet with us (one couple drives 186 miles every other week to meet with us and they have done this for over 3 years)
  • They stay with us for years (some men and women have worked with us for more than 5+ years)
  • They come back again and again (we've had people who meet with us for a while, stop, and then
    come back again)

Since 2007 Guy Stuff Counseling has helped thousands of people save their marriages, deal with their anger, survive their divorce, recover from an affair or an addiction, and improve their relationships . . . and learn how to have the lives they really want. Contact us today to see how we can help you do that same.