At Guy Stuff our counseling fees are clear, simple, and straightforward. We don't hide our counseling fees, make you call us to find out our fees for counseling, charge different counseling fees depending upon the counselor you talk to, or make you pay more for coming as a couple or family. Our fees are the same whether we meet in-person, on the phone, or online.

We know guys don't want things to be more complicated than they have to be. So there aren’t any unpleasant surprises or fine print. The price you see is exactly what you pay. Period.

It’s real simple – with Guy Stuff, you have two options of talk time to choose from.

And you can meet with us in-person, by phone, or webcam using Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts.



45 minutes

  • Length of a traditional counseling session
  • Works well for resolving nearly all types of problems
  • Best suited for those willing to work at a steady pace to find solutions
  • Ideal for a regular weekly meeting structure

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BIG Talk

90 minutes

  • Our '2 Sessions in 1 Meeting' format gives maximum impact ASAP
  • Ideal for those who feel they're at a crisis point and need immediate relief
  • Best choice if planning to come as a couple
  • Busy people prefer this option because it maximizes their time
  • Gives the option of meeting every other week but accomplishes the same results as if meeting weekly for regular (45-minute) sessions

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