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What is men's counseling like? Men's counseling at Guy Stuff Counseling is like talking to a buddy in your living room. Only this buddy really knows what he's talking about and will give you advice that works. We’re here to be your confidant and resource while we walk you through the process of addressing your problems in a safe, non-judgmental environment. It’s counseling designed specifically for guys and their ‘stuff,’ by guys who’ve dealt with a lot of the same ‘stuff.’

A lot of guys ask, what is men's counseling like at Guy Stuff? Our men's counseling is:

  • 'Guy-friendly'
  • Focused on problem solving
  • All about taking action
  • Conducted in a 'guy style' that's conversational but also direct and goal focused

What is men's counseling like at Guy Stuff is a good question, but a better question to ask is what it's not like. Men's counseling at Guy Stuff is not 'touchy-feely', not talking things to death or full of talk about childhood, and not techniques that don't work for men.

We know that counseling can work for men when it’s done right, and that’s exactly how we do it at Guy Stuff. Over 97% of our clients tell us they are satisfied or highly satisfied with the help they received and the results they achieved through counseling with Guy Stuff.

Men’s counseling at Guy Stuff is based on the development of our own unique approach that works for men. We have successfully worked with men and their partners for over a decade with these effective strategies. Our clients see the results they want as a direct outcome of a process they are comfortable with. They are able to quickly meet their goals through our focus on solutions.

Regardless of the reason for which you are seeking counseling, Guy Stuff Counseling professionals are not here to judge. Whether you’re struggling with an affair, an addiction, or anger management, our primary goal is to help you deal with your problems head on and solve your issues as quickly as possible.

Want to know more about men's counseling? Read more on our Counseling Men page. Find out why use Guy Stuff Counseling here. Check out our Counseling Men Blog for a variety of posts on different issues faced by men.

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