Are You Like Angela – DON'T FEEL LOVED By Your Partner?


You may feel alone, but you're not. Being in a relationship and not feeling loved is actually common.

Is your partner –

  • Watching porn?
  • Angry or mean?
  • Not interested in sex?
  • Having a midlife crisis?
  • Cheating?

Lurking underneath every one of these problems lies the biggest problem of all – Feeling Unloved.

Which Situation Describes You?

Here are 3 typical scenarios we see at Guy Stuff every day –

#1. You Don't Feel It. You don’t feel loved by your partner. If your partner doesn’t talk to you much, show an interest in you, or say anything nice to you, then maybe you’re wondering if he really loves you.

#2. He Doesn't Show It. Your partner doesn’t act like he loves you. When he'd rather watch porn than have sex with you... Or he's cheated on you... Or you think he's having a midlife crisis... you’re not likely to feel he still loves you.

#3. He said it. Your partner tells you he doesn’t love you. Whether this is said during a fight, to explain his lack of interest, or as justification for his desire to separate, these words hurt and have to make you wonder if it really could be true.

Does Your Relationship Look Like One of These?

“I’m not in love with you anymore.”

When Angela heard those words from Richard she was speechless. She wanted to ask... What? When? Why?

But she couldn’t get the words out of her mouth. Fear overwhelmed her as her mind raced through image after image of what life would look like for her and their two kids without him in it.

Haven’t heard those words yet?

If your partner hasn’t said, “I’m not in love with you” out loud, you may feel it could be true based on their actions.

People end up on the Guy Stuff website because of a relationship problem they’re trying to fix.

Christine wanted to understand why Michael had become so distant and moody. He didn’t seem like the same man anymore. There were some red flags she wanted to learn more about from an expert in understanding men.

Maybe you’re like her and suspect your guy is having a midlife crisis, know he’s watching porn, or wonder if he’s cheating. Perhaps you’re trying to understand why he gets so angry, can be verbally abusive and outright mean at times, seems depressed, or is addicted to his phone or alcohol.

Whether it’s in words or actions, it all means the same thing – he doesn’t love you like he used to.

When you don’t feel the love anymore.

Not feeling loved by your partner is common – so is one partner no longer feeling "in love."

Terri never heard the words “I’m not in love with you” from Darin, but she sure felt unloved.

“We don’t communicate” was her consistent complaint in our counseling sessions.

“Here we go again” Darin would say as he rolled his eyes every time she said this. He’d then insist they talked every day and a fight would erupt.

Her explanation was, “We never talk about about us.”

Sure, they talked about how they were dealing with their demanding 4-year-old. But not about anything that made Terri feel cared about and loved. Darin didn’t feel that much different actually – like a lot of guys it just wasn’t as big of a deal for him (yet).

Here's Why Angela Thought It Was Hopeless

Give me 1 minute and I'll tell you about Angela and Richard’s marriage - friends thought they were the 'picture-perfect' couple, but behind closed doors it was a very different story.


I’ve talked to a lot of men over the years who've felt just like Richard, but never told their partners (just like Michael and Darin didn't). Because most men don’t say how they feel they show it.

Here are just a few of the ways women have told me their man shows it and makes them feel unloved:

  • “There’s no connection between us anymore”
  • “He takes me for granted”
  • “He hasn’t touched me in years”
  • “He gives his female coworkers more attention than me”
  • “We’re like roommates”

Don't Do What Angela Did – It Doesn't Work

When Richard finally told Angela he wasn’t in love with her (he’d been acting like it for quite a while), she didn’t know how to respond. So, she became desperate and singularly focused on changing how he felt. Her immediate response was to –

  • Beg him to change his mind
  • Ask over and over what she could do
  • Chase after him any way she could

She tried having more sex with him... She asked about his work every day... She even started watching golf with him...

But nothing made a difference. And her efforts actually had the opposite effect and pushed him further away.


Trying harder isn't enough.

Are Your Only Choices... Just Accept Feeling Unloved or Get Divorced?

Together but unhappy is an accurate description for a lot of couples.

Getting through day-to-day life. Yet drifting further and further apart.

While this is normal life for many people, marriages where the love is fading or gone are also at the highest risk of ending in divorce (relationships end every day for the same reason too).


Unloved or divorced doesn't have to be your story.

What If You Could Wake Up Tomorrow FEELING LOVED Again?


You can. I'll show you how in my video series, Get The Love Back Proven Strategies for Getting Your Partner to Love You Again.

Get Dr. Kurt's Inside Secrets

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In the Next 30 Minutes You Can...

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Find out the 7 most common causes of why men fall out of love

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Discover what’s missing in your relationship that loving and happy couples have


2. Learn What To Do

Find out the 4 strategies that can change how he feels

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Learn the secret transformative power behind 66 days


3. Discover How To Change It

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Imagine how much your hope will grow once you have the knowledge of what's really happening and a plan of what you can do about it.

By Watching These Videos You'll...

Learn how not to push him further away

Get him to see you differently

Have him let go of past mistakes

Help him see that things could be different than they've been

Get him to want to try

Dr. Kurt will coach you both in how to communicate more effectively

Begin to fix the real problems

Have hope that he will love you again


Get the secrets to having the marriage you've always dreamed about. It worked for Angela, Christine, and Terri — it can work for you too.

Would You Like Any of These Changes?

Here's what others have said they got from these videos

Communicate better

Feel heard and respected

Better understanding of each other


What can happen when you follow Dr. Kurt's advice

Begin to rebuild your connection

Affection can return (even physical intimacy)

Trust can be restored

Feel loved and cared about again

Get back the man you fell in love with


Angela learned what to do differently to get Richard to love her again.

Christine discovered what was really going on with Michael and what to do about it.

Terri and Darin got tools to communicate better and stopped fighting.


I’m Dr. Kurt, I specialize in counseling men like Richard, Michael, and Darin – men who act like (or outright say) they don’t love their partner anymore. And I also counsel women like Angela, Christine, and Terri who are desperate to understand why and what they can do about it.

I actually counseled each one of these couples – and taught them how to get the love back.

Dr. Kurt Smith is the Clinical Director of Guy Stuff Counseling & Coaching. He specializes in working with men and the women who love them. With nearly 20 years of counseling experience, Dr. Kurt is an expert in understanding men, their partners, and the unique challenges facing couples today.

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"We have taken away so many tools and have learned so much about ourselves and our relationship with your help. We are forever grateful. Thank you so much!" — Amanda C., Buffalo, NY, USA

I've got nearly 20 years of proven results — with some of the most hopeless relationships.

More than 18 million people have turned to Guy Stuff for relationship advice.

Here's How The Video Series Works

The series has 3 modules — one for you, one for your partner, and one to do together. Each module contains 3 videos that are about 30 minutes long in total (each video is less than 15 minutes).

  1. Watch the first 3 videos on your own.
  2. Give the next 3 videos to your partner to watch.
  3. Watch the last 3 together as I walk you both through two communication exercises.

Module 1 — When You Don’t Feel Loved (for You)

Where Did The Love Go? (Clarity For The Confused And Lost Partner)

You Can Do Something About It (Discovering Your Influence)

The Path To Feeling Loved Again (Steps You Can Begin To Take Right Now)


Module 2 — If You Don’t Feel In Love Anymore (for Your Partner)

What Causes The Love To Disappear (Learning Why You Feel Like You Do)

It’s Gone – What You Need To Do Next (Even If You’re Not Sure You Want To Do Anything)

Learning How Your Relationship Can Change (And Why You Need It To)


Module 3How To Get The Love Back (for Both of You)

True Confessions (Uncovering What Really Made The Love Fade)

No More ‘He Says, She Says’ (Overcoming “We Can’t Communicate”)

Choosing To Change Your Relationship (For The Better – Whether You Stay Together Or Not)

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These Videos Are For You – if...

You're in a relationship where the Love is Fading or Gone.

Is any of the following true?

You and your partner are drifting apart

Your relationship is struggling

You say – "We can't communicate"

You're having a hard time being loving toward each other

You've been told some version of – "I'm not in love with you anymore"

It seems like it's over


Regardless of whether you're desperate to save your marriage, feel like you're becoming roommates, or just want to make things better these videos will help you.