Critical question for all unhappy partners

If there was a proven, step-by-step method for getting your partner to LOVE YOU AGAIN – without the confusion, fear, or crippling “what the heck do I do next”


Would you be willing to take 30 minutes to LEARN HOW?


Is this YOU?

"I'm lost, hurt, mad, sad, but most of all . . .
I Want Him to Love Me Again!
What am I doing wrong?"
— Shelley


Or is THIS?

"I'm not in love with her anymore.
I just don't feel anything. And I don't see how that's going to change."
— Nick

“He’d rather play his video game than spend time with me.”

“We either fight for hours or don't talk for days.”

“He prefers porn over having real sex with me.”

She’s mean and talks to me like I’m one of her children.”

“He’s having a midlife crisis and says marrying me was a mistake.”

“She’s having an affair and says she doesn’t know what she wants.”

“I don't understand where his anger comes from.”

“He wants to separate, but I want to fix it.”



Every day we hear from thousands of unhappy, hurting, stuck partners like these (maybe like you too).


Dr. Kurt has spent the last 20 years in the trenches counseling menand the women who love them.

He teaches partners like Shelley what they need to do differently to get the love back.

And helps guys like Nick make the biggest decision of their life without making the biggest mistake too.


We've got proven results with some of the most hopeless relationships.

"We wouldn't still be together if it wasn't for Dr. Kurt."
— Richard

Want THIS?

Answers to – Where did the love go? How did this happen? Will he/she ever love me again?

Learn the 7 most common causes why love fades and relationships struggle and fail. – How many does yours have?

Find out what you’re doing wrong and driving your partner further away. – How many are you doing?

Discover the 4 crucial responses you should be using if you want a chance for the love to come back. – Are you doing any of these?

Step-by-step instruction on how to rebuild the love. – Learn the inside secrets. It’s not what people think they should do.


Learn how to FIX IT.

We teach partners how to GET THE LOVE BACK in their relationship with 30 minutes of video coaching.

Yes, it is possible to get your partner to love you again if you use the right approach.

Our GET THE LOVE BACK video series will give you the expert advice and tools you need to fix the problems stealing the love from your relationship.

Dr. Kurt will show you the proven strategies he uses to get partners to start loving each other again.

The GET THE LOVE BACK program is On Demand so you can get you the answers you need RIGHT NOW.

Let's FIX IT!

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Module 1 - When You Don't Feel Loved

Give the first 3 videos a try:

1. Where Did The Love Go?Clarity for the confused partner

2. You Can Do Something About ItDiscovering your influence

3. The Path to Feeling Loved AgainSteps you can begin to take right now


In 30 minutes you'll know what you need to do and have an action plan to follow.


Watch Module 1 - $59


"The relationship with my husband is improving and I would like to thank you for your videos. They are easy to follow and get to the point. Thank you for letting people know there is hope."
— Christine

Who does this WORK FOR?

Men and women who don't feel loved by their partner.

Partners who say, "I love you, but I'm not in love with you."

Whether you're still together or separated.

You believe your partner could be having a Midlife Crisis or Depressed.

Your partner isn't acting loving toward you - the most common ways we see this are by Cheating, watching Porn, or being Abusive.

You believe it's hopeless.

Who is this NOT FOR?

Couples who are always loving toward each other.

Partners who are happy and satisfied with their relationship.

You’re already going to counseling and things are improving.

You have time to wait for a counseling appointment.

The cost of counseling isn't a budget breaker.

Your partner is onboard with working on your relationship and you don’t need help convincing them to join you.


Are you making this BIG MISTAKE?

When Richard finally told Angela he wasn’t in love with her anymore, she didn’t know what to do. So, she became desperate and –

  • Begged him to change his mind
  • Asked over and over what she could do to make him feel different
  • Chased after him any way she could

She tried having more sex with him... She asked about his work every day... She even started watching golf with him.

But nothing made a difference. And her efforts actually had the opposite effect and pushed him further away.


Trying harder is a mistake. You've got to TRY SMARTER.

Learn the right way to FIX IT!

Watch the full GET THE LOVE BACK program, consisting of 3 Core Modules, containing 9 Targeted Videos...


Module 1 - When You Don't Feel Loved

The first 3 videos are for You:

1. Where Did The Love Go? - Clarity for the confused partner

2. You Can Do Something About It - Discovering your influence

3. The Path to Feeling Loved AgainSteps you can begin to take right now




Module 2 - If You Don't Feel In Love Anymore

Share these 3 videos with your Partner:

4. What Causes The Love To DisappearLearning why you feel like you do

5. It's Gone - What You Need To Do NextEven if you're not sure you want to do anything

6. Learning How Your Relationship Can ChangeAnd why you need it to


Module 3 - How To Get The Love Back

Watch these 3 videos Together:

7. True ConfessionsUncovering what really made the love fade

8. No More 'He Says, She Says'Overcoming "We can't communicate"

9. Choosing To Change Your Relationship For the better - Whether you stay together or not


In 90 minutes you'll know what you need to do next, have an easy way to get your partner involved, and Dr. Kurt will walk you through an exercise that will improve your communication and start to solve the real problems.


Watch Full Program - $149


"What have you done with my husband? Because I like this new guy SO MUCH BETTER!"
— Gina


Save TIME.

Get answers and strategies to use right now.

No waiting weeks for an appointment.

Convenience of counseling when it works best for you.


33% less than the cost of a single counseling session - Save $76 ($149 vs. $225).

Get the content of 10 weeks of counseling sessions ($2,250 cost) condensed into 90 minutes of video for only $149 (Save over $2,100).

Save your LIFE.

What others say they got from watching

Communication improved

Feeling Heard and Respected

Cared About

Letting Go of the past

Trust rebuilding

Possibility the future could be different


Affection returning

New Connection


"We have taken away so many tools and have learned so much about ourselves and our relationship with your help. We are forever grateful. Thank you so much!"
— Terri & Darin

WATCH Dr. Kurt.

See what's POSSIBLE!

Watch the GET THE LOVE BACK videos and learn the time-tested strategies for getting your partner to love you again.


Module 1

Give the first 3 videos a try. If you like what you've learned, then get the full program for another $120.

Watch Module 1 - $59


Full Program

Get all 3 Modules and watch all 9 videos. Learn the 4 Crucial Strategies, get step-by-step instruction, let Dr. Kurt connect with your partner, and guided exercise to improve communication and start fixing the problems. Save $30 over purchasing separately.

Watch Full Program - $149




How do I access the videos?

The video series hosted on the website You can access it through any web browser on any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer), or using the Teachable app on Apple devices. It's organized in a simple format – point, click, and watch (no tech skills needed).


When does the program start and finish?

You may start right now and finish whenever you like. It's completely self-paced, so go at your own speed. And since it's accessible online you can access it anytime or anyplace you want.


How long will I have access?

Because technology is always changing we cannot ensure access forever. So, we guarantee you'll have access for the next 6 months.


Where do I go if I have further questions?

If you have any questions about the program click here to send us an email, use the contact button at the bottom of any page on our website, or simply reply to the email you'll receive from us after registering.


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