"I'm lost, hurt, mad, sad, but most of all . . .
I Want Him to Love Me Again.
— Shelley N.


We've created the GET THE LOVE BACK video series for those who want to fix the problems causing their partner not to love them. In it we teach partners like Shelley what they need to do differently and how to do it.

I Want The Love Back

Is this YOU?

“He’d rather play his video game than spend time with me.”

“We either fight for 3 hours or don't talk for days.”

“She hasn’t touched me in years.”

“He’s having a midlife crisis and says marrying me was a mistake.”

“She’s having an affair and says she doesn’t know what she wants.”

“I don't understand where his anger comes from.”

“She wants to separate, but I want to fix it.”


Every day we hear from thousands of unhappy, hurting, stuck partners like these (maybe a bit like you too) who've turned to Guy Stuff for advice.


Dr. Kurt has spent the last 20 years in the trenches counseling men (and the women who love them) and knows...


What men think, how men really feel, and how to get men to change (women too).


How to rebuild the love when partners have grown so far apart it can feel like you're on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon.


Ways to fix broken communication and solve the most common problems killing relationships today.


We've got proven results with some of the most hopeless situations.


Fix My Relationship


Before . . .


“I’m not in love with you anymore.”

When Angela heard those words from Richard she was speechless.

She wanted to ask... What? When? Why?

But she couldn’t get the words out of her mouth. Fear overwhelmed her as her mind raced through image after image of what life would look like for her and their two kids without him in it.

Friends thought they were the 'picture-perfect' couple, but behind closed doors it was a very different story.

How did they drift so far apart?

Take a minute and find out.



After . . .

Here's just some of what Angela LEARNED from Dr. Kurt in the videos –

  • Ways she was (unknowingly) pushing Richard away.

  • The wall of resentment Richard had about her mother living with them.

  • How to get him to talk to her and open up using Dr. Kurt's guided communication exercises.

Angela GOT Richard to love her again.

"We wouldn't still be together if it wasn't for Dr. Kurt." — Richard G.

Save My Relationship




Before . . .


He didn't say it — He Showed It.

Christine didn't understand why Michael had become so distant and moody. He didn’t seem like the same man anymore. She wondered –

  • Could he be having a midlife crisis?
  • Why is he drinking more?
  • What if he’s cheating?

Whether it’s in words or actions, it all means the same thing – he doesn’t love you like he used to.

After . . .


With Dr. Kurt's advice Christine DISCOVERED what was really going on with Michael and what she could do about it –

  • She got Michael to watch Dr.Kurt's 3 videos for the out of love partner. And he felt understood for the first time and started to be honest with her.

  • She found out things he was unhappy with that she had no idea about.

  • He told her he hadn't cheated yet, but there was a female coworker he'd gotten friendly with.

  • Michael wouldn't admit to having a midlife crisis (many won't), but did say some of the signs fit.

Christine GOT Michael to work on their relationship.

"The relationship with my husband is improving and I would like to thank you for your videos. They are easy to follow and get to the point. Thank you for letting people know there is hope." — Christine V.



Before . . .


When you don’t feel loved.

Not feeling loved by your partner is common – so is one partner no longer feeling "in love."

Terri never heard the words “I’m not in love with you” from Darin, but she sure felt unloved.

“We don’t communicate” was her constant complaint.

“Here we go again” Darin would say as he rolled his eyes every time she said this.

In exasperation she would yell, “We never talk about about US.”

He’d insist they talked every day.

And then a fight would erupt (again).

Sure, they talked about how they were dealing with their demanding 4-year-old. But not about anything that made Terri feel cared about and loved.

Darin didn’t feel that much different actually – but like a lot of guys he said it just wasn’t as big of a deal for him (yet).

After . . .


Terri and Darin got TOOLS to communicate better and stopped fighting –

  • Darin learned what Terri needed was time together as a couple, not just as parents with their son along.

  • Terri found out that Darin got defensive because he felt like he couldn't do anything right in her eyes and that the way she talked to him reminded him of his mother.

  • They each learned that the other one felt the same way as they did – unloved.

Terri & Darin GOT out of their constant fighting rut.

"We have taken away so many tools and have learned so much about ourselves and our relationship with your help. We are forever grateful. Thank you so much!" — Terri & Darin L.

The GET THE LOVE BACK videos will give you the expert advice and tools you need to fix whatever problems are damaging or destroying your relationship. They worked for these partners and they can work for you too.

Are You Making This BIG MISTAKE?

When Richard finally told Angela he wasn’t in love with her anymore, she didn’t know what to do. So, she became desperate and –

  • Begged him to change his mind
  • Asked over and over what she could do to make him feel differently
  • Chased after him any way she could

She tried having more sex with him... She asked about his work every day... She even started watching golf with him.

But nothing made a difference. And her efforts actually had the opposite effect and pushed him further away.


Trying harder is a mistake. You've got to try Smarter.

Show Me Smarter


Learn What WORKS.

In our GET THE LOVE BACK video series Dr. Kurt will teach you the proven strategies he uses to get partners to love each other again. The program consists of 3 Core Modules containing 9 Targeted Videos.

MODULE 1 (for you)


Clarity for the confused and lost partner.

7 most common causes for why your partner is out of love.

The 2 vulnerable areas in your relationship that allowed this happen.

What it will take for your partner to love you again.

Discover what’s missing in your relationship that happy, loving couples share.


Discovering your influence.

4 strategies that will change how your partner feels.

3 truths about fading love you must know and accept.

Don't ask your partner this question and make it worse.

The secret of how to draw your partner back.

The personality characteristic you must have (or build).


Steps you can begin to take right now.

How to follow the crucial 2-step approach necessary to rebuild your relationship.

Follow Dr. Kurt's3-Point Action Plan that will give love a chance to come back.

3 things men want from their partner.

3 things women want from a partner.

MODULE 2 (for your partner)


Learning Why You Feel Like You Do.

How growing apart happens.

Who's to blame?

What's influencing you not feeling the love anymore.

How to deal with confusion and uncertainty.

Is it possible to fall back in love? What if I don't want to?


Even If You’re Not Sure You Want To Do Anything.

Understanding and accepting 3 absolute truths about losing the love.

Where you need to be brutally honest with yourself.

Recognizing the risks and consequences of the path you're likely on.

The wrong way to make decisions that will impact the rest of your life (not just today).


And Why You Need It To.

3-Point Action Plan to follow to get the changes you want and need.

Don't make the biggest mistake unhappy partners make.

3 reasons to change that aren't about your partner.

How to make your future easier and better (together or not).

MODULE 3 (to do together)


Uncovering What Really Made The Love Fade.

Follow along as Dr. Kurt asks the questions he asks every partner in couples counseling.

At the conclusion each partner will have a set of answers to share with the other.

Discover what's positive about your relationship, could be better, and needs work.

This exercise will also help you identify the hidden problems impacting your relationship.


Overcoming “We Can’t Communicate.”

Dr. Kurt will coach you both in how to talk so you each feel heard, respected, and your relationship gets better (not worse).

Learn the ground rules for healthy communication.

Follow Dr. Kurt as he guides you both through a communication exercise that will force you to 'get real' with each other.

Practice the techniques for healthy communication that's honest and yet respectful.


For The Better – Whether You Stay Together Or Not.

Rebuild the love by following our 3-Point Action Plan to a healthy and happy relationship.

Dr. Kurt's 'To Do List' to get your relationship unstuck and growing again.

Learn how to harness the secret power behind 66 days.

Common mistakes not to make.

What to do to keep the love growing.

Our GET THE LOVE BACK program is On Demand so you can get you the answers you need RIGHT NOW – not at a counseling appointment in 2 weeks. There's usually a waiting list to meet with Dr. Kurt, but you can skip the wait and get his help now.

Get Their Love Back

Want To Wake Up Tomorrow FEELING LOVED Again?


You can. I'll show you how in the next 30 minutes.


I’m Dr. Kurt, I specialize in counseling men like Richard, Michael, and Darin – men who act like (or outright say) they don’t love their partner. And I also counsel women like Angela, Christine, and Terri who are desperate to understand why and what they can do about it.

I actually counseled each one of these couples and taught them how to fix their problems and get the love back.

Dr. Kurt has been featured in



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Communication exercises that will get you talking again.

10 weeks of counseling sessions condensed into 90 minutes of video instruction.

Videos for you, for your partner, and for you to do together.

Videos are short (15 minutes max), to the point, and practical.

Each video ends with a review of how to apply what has been presented.

Audio-only option for use while driving or exercising.

PDF version to print out for note taking, later use, or to read on the go.

Cheat sheets with the key takeaways from each lesson for quick future reference.

LISTEN To Dr. Kurt.

Want THIS?

After watching others have said they got –

Better communication

Felt heard and respected

Affection began to return (even physical intimacy)

Trust started to come back

Felt cared about again

Past mistakes let go

See that things could be different than they've been

Desire to try again

Rebuilding a connection

Hope as you start to see the love coming back


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