Why use Guy Stuff Counseling? Because we know guys. And we know their 'stuff.' We know...

Why use Guy Stuff Counseling
  • How hard it can be to tell her how you feel
  • What makes you get so angry
  • That it's so much easier to get that project done than to talk to her
  • Why you notice other women even though you love her
  • How come you sometimes do things you wish you didn't - like drinking too much or looking at porn

If you want to learn how to become the man you really want to be, you need counseling from an expert in 'guy stuff.'


Why use Guy Stuff Counseling

At Guy Stuff we know the way men think.

Men are problem solvers. Guys need a counseling approach that recognizes this, so we use a problem-solution format (at Guy Stuff we don't get all 'touchy-feely').

We know what men want. A lot of men can relate to having a good coach to advise teach them. So our counseling is direct and action-oriented, yet conversational and collaborative. It's a coach-like style that's very familiar and comfortable for men (at Guy Stuff you won't get a bobble head counselor who makes you do all the talking).

We know what men don't want. Men don't want to go to counseling and be attacked, blamed, and told it's all their fault. It's no surprise that men really like our relaxed, conversational, 'guy-friendly' style (counseling at Guy Stuff is like talking with a buddy over pizza).

We know many men struggle alone. So we become a partner in their struggle, a confidant they can trust, and a resource they can lean on (sometimes there's things you just don't want to tell your family, friend, or pastor).


Guy Stuff Gets Resalts

We ask our clients what they think about our counseling. Here's what they tell us:

  • 94.3% report improvement in their challenges after working with us
  • 97.1% report being satisfied or highly satisfied with our work

We believe the actions of the men and women who use our services speak the loudest in answering the question, why use Guy Stuff Counseling? Here are some examples of how strongly people believe in Guy Stuff:

  • They drive nearly 200 miles to meet with Guy Stuff (one couple drives 186 miles every other week and they have done this for over a year and a half -- she says "there isn't a Kurt Smith in our town.")
  • They stay with us for years (some men and women have worked with us for more than 3 years)
  • They come back again and again (we've had clients who meet with us for a while, stop, and then come back again)

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