Looking For A Website To Have An Affair? Read This First.

    searching-for-website-to-have-an-affair.jpg“Life is short. Have an affair.” That’s the tag line of a well known cheating website. If you’re searching for a website to have an affair, they’re out there (sadly).

    As a counselor who helps couples rebuild their relationship after the destruction of an affair (as well as helping men and women who are in the midst of cheating and are very confused), I hope you’ll read this whole post if you’re searching the web for a website to have an affair.


    And the reason why I hope you'll read this is because the biggest thing men and women need at the moment they're giving in to their desire to cheat is a dose of reality and the truth, not the 'feel good' spin this website puts on having an affair.

    “Your wife will never find out…” That’s the subject line of spam email I got from this cheating website. That’s one of the biggest myths about an affair – you can keep it a secret. The truth is that an affair almost never stays a secret.

    How does this cheating website to have an affair recommend you keep it a secret?


    The #1 rule if you’re having an affair is don’t do it with a single women. Instead, date a married woman who has just as much reason to keep your affair a secret as you do.”

    Nice try, but that doesn't work either.

    There are all kinds of ways you can get caught having an affair that you can't control. Here are a few true stories from people I've counseled who've had affairs:

    • Your sister-in-law happens to be dining at the same restaurant as you and your 'other woman' – you're busted (this guy thought he was safe because the restaurant was 100 miles away from his home).
    • Your husband gets suspicious of why you always carry your phone with you – even to the bathroom, so he checks the GPS on it and finds out you aren’t where you say you are – you're busted (she believed keeping her phone always by her side and password protected would keep him from finding out -- check out What Do Married Women Affairs Look Like?).
    • Your wife gets a call from the 'other woman's' husband or partner telling her about the affair -- you're busted (so much for the theory of cheating with a married woman).

    I could go one giving you more examples of how people have been caught having an affair, but you get the point. There are a lot of things out of your control that can make your cheating fantasy come crashing to a very ugly and sudden end. Don't fall for the lies put out by websites to have an affair.


    I’m sure you’ve got plenty of reasons to justify why you have the right to have an affair. A man I’m working with right now had them. He registered on this website for affairs last year while he was very unhappy in his marriage. It’s now 9 months later and we’re just beginning to start to rebuild the trust that was broken just by his creating a profile -- he didn’t even to be having a full fledged affair before his wife caught on.

    If you want to be with someone else, tell your partner that -- before you do it. Having an affair almost never stays a secret. So don’t kid yourself that it will be different for you. Do yourself a big favor, just be honest with your soon to be ex before you cheat. It will be painful for sure, but it's a whole lot less painful than what when she finds out later you're having an affair.

    Here's another truth to consider before you click on that website to have an affair. Most people after they have an affair look back on it and can't believe it was really them cheating -- Your Affair Will Never Lead to True Love. For many people it just goes against who they believe they really are. They just lose themselves for a period of time in the thrill of chasing new love and leaving behind the loneliness of their broken relationship.

    So for a moment, put aside your unhappy feelings about your partner, and your desire to be loved by someone new, and just think about the type of person you believe you are. Are you the type of person who would lie, deceive and destroy his family and life to feel good for a little while? Because the truth is, by your clicking on a website to have an affair that's exactly what you're about to do. Think about it.


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