What Are Signs He Doesn't Love Me Anymore?


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    In the beginning we love almost everything about our partner. Over time, however, that changes as we start to see the flaws too. But in some relationships it goes much deeper. When you start asking, as many do, “What are the signs he doesn’t love me anymore?” there’s clearly something bigger going on.

    All relationships go through natural ups and downs.

    Often these fluctuations resolve themselves with time. Sometimes, however, these changes can become permanent and cause for concern.

    If you're one of the many women who want to know if there are signs he doesn't love you anymore, you’re not alone.


    So, how do you know if the changes in the love you're experiencing are normal or a problem?

    It can be tricky, but there are signsthat will tell you if he doesn’t love you anymore. Recognizing them, however, requires us to first look at how someone loves us in the beginning.

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    Understanding How He Used To Love You To Understand If He No Longer Loves You

    Think back to the beginning of your relationship and see if any of the following sounds familiar.

    At the beginning we,

    • Forgive and forget their mistakes

    • Don't believe the bad things they think about themselves

    • Think they're beautiful when they feel ugly

    • Remember their wholeness when they're broken

    • See past their guilt to their innocence

    • Point them back to who they are when they're lost.

    It's natural for the way we love our partner to change over time.

    We may not feel the same way later in the relationship as we did in the beginning. We may not be as forgiving or understanding either.


    And, arguably, in the beginning nearly all of us were a little too carefree in how easily we blindly loved, because early love can make us act more than a bit naïve and foolish.

    As time goes on that naïve phase fades and we see our partner more clearly. This is a good thing.

    Loving someone with blinders on means building your relationship on a house of cards – eventually it will collapse.

    But if most or all of the signs of love and appreciation disappear, that's one of the warning signs he may not love you anymore (here are more signs your husband doesn't love you).

    So, before you start looking for signs that he doesn’t love you anymore, think about what it was like when you felt certain of his love.

    Are those things all gone?

    How Do I Recognize The Signs He Doesn’t Love Me?

    If you think those loving things are gone, or if you’re feeling uncertain, it’s time to look a little closer and see if there are other signs he may have fallen out of love with you.

    Women are often much more in-tune with changes in feelings within a relationship than are men.

    Because the changes can be subtle, they can be excused away easily. This can make it hard for anyone to spot, let alone accept, the signs he doesn't love you anymore.

    Before we look at some specific signs, however, it’s important to recognize that just as relationships change over time, expressions of love do too.

    As easy as it is to explain away the lack of loving gestures, it can be just as easy to read too much into the lack of them as well.

    Sometimes it's just the normal ups and downs of a busy daily life can cause us to overlook and forget to do the small things we used to do that expressed our love.


    However, if you’re truly concerned that he doesn’t love you anymore then there are certain signs to watch for – see if any of these seem familiar:

    • Insensitivity

    • Lack of caring about you

    • Being overly critical

    • Argumentative

    • Anger

    • Lack of loving acts or words

    • You no longer seem like someone special or important

    • There's no forgiveness

    • No sex in your marriage

    There can be understandable reasons for any of these unloving behaviors, so they need to each be considered in in the context of your entire relationship.

    What Can I Do If I’m Seeing Signs He Doesn’t Love Me?

    If you're seeing signs in your relationship that concern you, it’s important to remember that it takes two to tango as they say.

    Before you sound the alarm and begin pondering things like,

    take a step back and spend some time considering your own behavior.

    Are you displaying any of the same behaviors?

    One thing that’s true in all relationships is that we react to each other.

    Angry or dismissive behavior by one person is often met with angry and dismissive behavior by the other.

    So, it’s important to make sure you aren’t actually part of the problem before you determine that it’s all him.


    If these behaviors become persistent, however, and you're confident you're doing your part, then it’s possible you’re actually seeing signs he doesn't love you anymore.

    That doesn’t mean that you can’t get the love back, however. It will just take time, effort, and work on both of your parts.

    It can also help to get the viewpoint of an unbiased, objective, trained person when you're trying to make this important determination, so consider couples counseling before you decide it’s over.

    Ending your relationship isn’t a decision to make alone.

    What To Take Away

    Feeling like you’re seeing signs he doesn't love you anymore can be extremely painful.

    There’s nothing easy about feeling like the love you once shared has deteriorated or is gone. So, if you think you’re seeing signs he may not love you anymore, keep the following things in mind:

    • Give some thought to your own behavior as well. Sometimes life gets in the way, and we forget to express the way we really feel.

    • It’s possible that you’ve also forgotten to express your love and the two of you are stuck in a reactionary cycle with one another.

    • Before you give up, consider making an effort and trying trying couples counseling.

    Most of all, remember there’s still hope. Seeing signs he doesn’t love you anymore doesn’t mean he can’t love you again.

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    Editor's Note: This post was originally published May 31, 2014, updated on Dec ember 26, 2018, and updated again for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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