Here's How To Fall in Love With Your Husband All Over Again

    you-and-husband-fall-in-love-all-over-again.jpgWhen we fall in love it's mainly our heart that we follow, not our brain. For some of us this flawed strategy works out and for others it doesn't.

    Yet after we've been married awhile we all discover that we didn't marry quite the person we thought we married (i.e. Prince Charming isn't always so charming). This can mean that we know all too well our partner's imperfections and our brain stops us from following our heart again ("I'm Out of Love").


    So how to fall in love with your husband all over again when your brain says 'not so fast' isn't easy. The following social media post will begin to show how.



    The secret to a successful relationship is using our heart and brain -- not one or the other, but both. This goes for when we're first falling in love, when we're in a relationship together, and when we want to fall in love all over again. It's the beginning answer to how to fall in love with your husband all over again.


    The reason so many wives struggle with falling in love with their husband again is that they're using too much of their brains. They're doing what they did at the beginning of the relationship, just in reverse. At the beginning they used too much of their heart and not enough of their brain, and now they're using too much of their brain and not enough of their heart.

    To fall in love with your husband all over again after you have history together requires exercising more heart, like compassion, understanding, and love while simultaneously using less brain, like memories, fears, and self-protection.

    Note that I did not say using no brain. I just said less brain. So many partners can't muster any love for their partner because they're allowing they're brains to block it. And some of the reasons for this are listed in the previous paragraph.

    Here are a couple of tips on how to begin to fall in love with your husband all over again:

    • Forget the Past. Okay, completely forgetting the past isn't really possible. However, you can stop yourself from allowing your past history with your husband to influence how you see your him today. Too many partners hold on too strongly to the past and prevent themselves from falling in love again.
    • Focus on the Present. Part of the way we forget the past is by focusing on the present. Who is your husband now? That's who you're going to fall in love with. Be honest with yourself about how your husband has changed for the better, even if it's only in really small ways.
    • Work at Seeing Him for Who He is Now, not who he's been. This is hard to do after you've been hurt, but is a necessity if you really want to fall in love with your husband again. It's easy to see all the things you don't like, so try to look for some things that you do like.


    Obviously, if your husband hasn't changed the things that caused you to fall out of love with him it's going to be really tough to fall in love again when it seems like he doesn't love you back. But if he's making an effort to change himself, you can help the falling in love again process by using your heart more than your brain to think of other ways to fall in love with your spouse all over again.

    How to fall in love with your husband all over again isn't easy, unlike falling in love the first time. Our brains are very powerful, but so are our hearts. When you use both properly you can rekindle the love and keep it burning.

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