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How Do You Make Your Husband Love You? Learn The Secrets


how do you make your husband love youQ: How do you make your husband love you? Recently my husband informed me that he has never felt physically or sexually attracted to me. We did not sleep together before we were married, so he thought once we started having sex the feelings would come. He believes that this is the way it is and he will never find me attractive or be turned on by me. He is also feeling we lack an emotional "in love" connection. Since these emotional needs have not been met by me, he has had other women meet them (not physically, emotionally). So how do you make your husband love you? I believe attraction and chemistry can be built. Is this true? -- Sheri P.

A: You’re not alone in asking the question, “how do you make your husband love you?" Other wives ask that question too, and many of the couples I counsel share the same problems you and your husband are facing.  

You're correct in believing that attraction and chemistry can be built. Let's try to understand what's probably going on for your husband and with that we'll find some answers on how to get your husband to love you.

First, people often wrongly assume that when they get married feelings will change and things will get better, but things only change with effort to change, not with "I Do."

Second, I assume that because your husband did marry you that he does find some things about you attractive. They may not be physical or sexual, but that's okay. One of the misperceptions about sex is that it requires raging sexual attraction for sex to be good. That's a myth that has been created by our media saturated culture. 

Sex is a physical expression of the relationship. When your relationship is close mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, sexual attraction just naturally develops. When other areas of your relationship improve, your husband may be surprised to find himself sexually attracted to you. This is one of the answers to how to make your husband want you.

Third, another false belief that a lot of people have is that they should naturally and automatically feel 'in love' just by being together. Love is not just a feeling, but also a choice and an action. When your husband practices making better choices about the ways he loves you, like not connecting with other women, he may find that he'll become more attracted to you.

It's possible that your husband has a longstanding habit of meeting emotional and other needs outside his relationship with you. For example, I'm counseling a couple right now who just married and did not have sex before marriage too. This husband used porn regularly to manage not having sex while they were dating and has had a tough time being sexually attracted to his wife too. But that's begun to change as we've changed his habits.

Going outside the relationship to meet needs that are supposed to be met inside the relationship is extremely common. This can happen in many ways - like using friends on Facebook to connect emotionally with others rather than your partner; having too close of a connection with family members, such as a mother; or using porn like the guy above. How Do You Make Your Husband Love You? You stop tolerating and accepting your husband getting his emotional needs met by other women.

Lastly, there are some other possible reasons why your husband isn’t sexually attracted to you that have to do with the dynamics within your relationship. Here are a few those possibilities: he's unhappy with how he's treated by you; he may not feel respected, appreciated or valued by you; he may believe that you nag or treat him like you're his mother; there could be weight, hygiene or other ways you take care of yourself that he doesn't find appealing, but has not been honest with you about. More than likely, if any of these are true, you're not doing any of it intentionally.

Okay, that's a lot of possible answers to the question of how do you make your husband love you? So where do you start to begin to get things to change? 

I'd start by finding a good time to talk to your husband, when the two of you can be alone and not distracted, tell him that you love him and want things to get better between the two of you, then show him this post, ask him to read it, and tell you what parts he can relate to. When you start to have an honest conversation, you'll start to understand how to get your husband to love you.

-- Kurt Smith, Marriage Counselor

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Hi Kurt, 
A great post but from my own experience from life, I believe there are two main things that cause people to fall out of love and/or split up, they are financial worries first and foremost but also one of the couple letting themselves go soon after marriage. Without wanting to sound like a MSP I have to say that the latter of these is usually the woman but in some cases understandable after child birth and any stresses and strains that go with it. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this. 
Best regards 
Paul Lester
Posted @ Sunday, March 17, 2013 8:30 AM by Paul Lester
Hi there, 
Thanks for this post. I just wanted to add that sexual attraction is usually a mental construct, meaning that it can be worked upon. Second, there must be something that attracted the two of you to each other. The key here lies in capitalizing on these positive aspects, which in turn spills over to other aspects of one's relationships.  
Posted @ Sunday, April 07, 2013 7:23 AM by Alana
I am going through this with my wife right now. We had a rough 6 months, and we both hurt each other. I have let down all walls and barriers and made myself vulnerable, while she wont. She said that she wants it to work out, but wont put down the barriers. She said that there isnt any physical attraction towards me, and she said that she wants it to come back. She just doesnt know how. It is VERY frustrating. I feel that we have a lifetime together, then a few months of struggling to get it back is worth it
Posted @ Friday, May 03, 2013 7:17 AM by Harry
My wife and I are celebrating 24 years. With all the stresses of day to day life, we all can forget about our relationships. But I have to diagree a bit with something said here and throughout some other blogs. We as men can and do let ourselves go too. We cannot blame our wives for everything. That is something we as men do quite often. But, with all the responsibilities that we as husbands and others, place on our wives, it's a wonder they are angry and fussy at us.I try to live with my wife in understanding and patience. Men, we need to look at our receding hairlines, straggly beards and most of all beer guts. My wife and her sisters point this imbalance out to the husbands all the time. 
I work out and my wife does too. But stop blaming our wives for the natural way that bodies age. Just help each other.
Posted @ Wednesday, June 19, 2013 2:45 PM by Clawz Pop 3
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