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What Does Couples Counseling Cost?

Posted by Dr. Kurt Smith, LMFT, LPCC, AFC on Thu, Jun 03, 2010

Cost of Couples CounselingLike most things, you can pay a little, or a lot, for couples counseling

Typically, couples counseling costs between $90 and $150 per 45-50 minute meeting. Although there may be some lower cost options available to you, if you're willing to work with someone who is still in training and not yet licensed.

Again, like most things, you get what you pay for. Couples counselors who have a lot of experience or get good results usually charge higher fees.

The total cost for couples counseling will vary also, depending on how long you choose to meet with a counselor. In my couples counseling for men, we usually see the changes couples are looking for start to happen within 6 meetings, sometimes sooner. On average couples usually come to couples counseling for about 3 months and meet between 6-12 times.

Depending upon your health insurance, you may have coverage that will pay for some or most of the cost of couples counseling. You've got two options if you want to use your health insurance:

      • You can select a couples counselor who has contracted with your health insurance and you may only have to pay your co-pay. This option keeps the cost down, but limits your choice of counselors and may prevent you from working with someone with the expertise you need for your specific relationship problems so you can get the results you want (not all couple counseling is the same). Additionally, this will involve your insurance company in your counseling, which has several drawbacks, including lack of privacy and limitations on how many meetings they'll pay for.
      • Another option is to meet with a counselor whom you choose based on the expertise you need, and then get reimbursement of the cost from your health insurance. This option avoids the drawbacks outlined above regarding protection of your privacy and an insurance representative deciding what's in your best interests.

When you experience the improvements to your life -- such as peace in your relationship -- that couples counseling can bring, you'll find the cost of couples counseling will be well worth it.

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