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It's hard to admit, but there are times when we need to reach out for help. As a guy, I know how hard that can be because I've had to do it myself. Yes, I've been 'stuck' just like you and needed counseling for men - so I want you to know you're not alone and there are solutions out there. Solutions like Guy Stuff Counseling.

As a counselor for men I've helped hundreds of guys sort through every issue you can imagine, and with great success. Counseling for men can be the ideal place to solve challenges, but going to a counselor and revealing our problems to a stranger can be intimidating and uncomfortable.

That’s how Guy Stuff Counseling and this website came about. Our goal is to provide a helpful and beneficial resource for men (and the women who love them) to access professional expertise and advice in a convenient, non-threatening manner. On this website we address the common (and not so common) struggles that guys experience in our counseling for men, and we share solutions that work. Take a look around and explore some of the specific solutions we offer for your unique challenge.


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Check out the counseling for men solutions on-demand, right at your finger tips. In the left column you'll see all the counseling services we provide, like counseling men or marriage counseling. In the right column you’ll find the most common men's problems we help both men and women solve -- from abusive relationships to cheating spouse to porn addiction. In the box above are 4 of the most popular articles we've written. Click on a few links and start getting the help you're looking for right now.