Marriage Counseling that Works for Both of You

Marriage Counseling that works

Marriage counseling is a fantastic tool for people who want to improve their marriage. Is your marriage what you always wanted it to be? If not, marriage counseling at Guy Stuff can help.

While every marriage is unique, there are marriage problems that are common and we see frequently, and we can help you and your spouse fix them.

Guy Stuff is unique in our approach to marriage counseling -- we've designed marriage counseling to work for men.

  • We're results oriented and committed to helping you fix your marriage problems in as short a time as possible.
  • We don't sit back passively and wait for you to come to important conclusions by yourselves.
  • We participate actively in the process by giving professional guidance and concrete advice that will help you find solutions.
  • Guy Stuff's marriage counseling will also help you tackle problems that other therapists won’t, such as porn addiction and money problems.

We know that guys are sometimes hesitant to go to marriage counseling. That's why we've gone out of our way to structure our counseling so that both men and women feel comfortable with our approach. Kurt Smith is an expert in what motivates guys, and he makes both men and women feel understood. Guy Stuff is designed for men and the women who love them.

Get started right now by taking our Husband Rater Quiz (for men and women) and see if you've got the same marriage problems as other people we've helped. Don’t wait any longer and let the life and family you’ve built slip away. Also check out the benefits of marriage counseling at Guy Stuff and see how marriage counseling can make your relationship better today.