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Verbally Abusing The People We Love & How To Stop


It's possible for any of us to be verbally abusing. We may not do it intentionally, but that doesn't mean we aren't still being abusing with our words. 

Verbally Abused - How To Make Verbal Abuse Stop

Verbally Abused

Q: We have been married for 42 years. From early on my wife has been sharp tongued and has verbally abused both our children and myself. It is always verbal accusations of how sorry you are, you are a screw up, and using the past as nothing but a weapon of hurt. It has escalated to physical abuse a few times on myself mainly. She did lash out at our children when younger but never in front of me. That I would have never tolerated. As the children have grown and moved away the shared abuse has now been mostly targeted at me. My company I worked for closed about a month ago. So the tension has grown. Not that it needed anymore fuel to the fire. I am tired of it. It has gotten vicious. I am weary, and no words ever help or apologies seem to never come unless they are from me. She gets almost violent. I am a big man and would never hurt her. How do I deal with being verbally abused, and can our marriage survive and I survive? -- Willie D.

Signs of Verbal Abuse In Our Hi-Tech World

signs of verbal abuse in relationship

Looking for signs of verbal abuse?  Here's some real, subtle signs of verbal abuse, and how a verbally abusive relationship can look in our hi-tech world.

4 Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Abusive Relationship

Many women are in an abusive relationship and don't even know it.  At Guy Stuff Counseling we hear every week from women looking for relationship advice.  Many of these women are in an abusive relationship, but just can't see it.

Verbal Emotional Abuse Examples from Victims

Verbal Emotional Abuse - Verbal Abuse

Wondering what verbal emotional abuse looks like?  Let's start with what it feels like.  Verbal emotional abuse feels like getting punched and hugged at the same time

Verbal Abuse - 8 Things You Can Do To Stop Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse

Part 2 of 2

Verbal Abuse - What's It Look Like? Are there Signs?

Verbal Abuse - Verbal Abuse Signs

Part 1 of 2

What's Emotional Abuse Look Like?

Emotional Abuse - Mel Gibson

Part 2 of 2

Emotional Abuse Signs - Watch for These 5 Emotional Abuse Signs


Dealing with a Critical and Verbally Abusive Husband

How to Cope with a Critical and Verbally Abusive Husband

Got a critical spouse?  Is your husband verbally abusive?  Below are some thoughts from other spouses coping with verbal abuse.  The following are excerpts from Carolyn Hax's column, Return to 'Crazyville' -- More on Critical Behavior in The Washington Post:

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