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How Do Cheaters Feel About Their Cheating?


When you discover you've been cheated on you feel a range of emotions -- shock, anger, hurt, just to name a few -- and often at their extremes. At some point everyone shifts from feeling to thinking and wants to know how do cheaters feel. Is he or she feeling any pain like I am?

Why Sexting Is Cheating


Some people can be pretty loose with their definition of cheating until they're on the receiving end of it. But if you find out your partner has been sexting someone else, you're likely to want to know if sexting is cheating.

Looking For A Website To Have An Affair? Read This First.

website to have an affair aftermath

“Life is short. Have an affair.” That’s the tag line of a well known cheating website. If you’re searching for a website to have an affair, they’re out there (sadly).

Wife Caught Cheating, What To Do Next

wife caught cheating now what

It's one of the things we men hope never happens to us -- our wife caught cheating. Yet it's becoming more and more common to hear husbands say they've caught their wife cheating.

How To Stop Cheating


None of us wants to think about our partner cheating. Certainly not before it happens. But taking the time to learn how to stop cheating is one of the best ways to prevent cheating from ever happening in our relationship.

Why Do Men Cheat & Blame Their Partner

why do men cheat then blame others

Part 2 of 2

How Do Men Cheat? Here's How

learn how do men cheat

Part 1 of 2

Is Flirting Cheating? Yes, Flirting Is Cheating.


Hey there, it's Kurt Smith. You know a few days ago on my Google Plus profile I made a post about flirting, and I said that flirting is cheating. 

Why Do Women Cheat? One Woman Explains

why do women cheat

Although there’s not one answer to the question, why do women cheat, there are some frequently repeated reasons. Surprising or not, the reasons why women cheat aren’t that much different from the reasons men do.

Why Do Married Men Cheat? Learn The 3 Reasons

why do married men cheat

Wondering why do married men cheat? Let’s examine the latest high profile cheater, General David Petraeus, to find some answers. Below are excerpts from a USA Today article on Why Do the Powerful Cheat. It gives us a few starting points in understanding why do married men cheat.

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